Goldman Sachs news breaking about a cryptocurrency trading desk to include Bitcoin.


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  1. Percy Eric
    Percy Eric says:

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  2. Travis Gardipy
    Travis Gardipy says:

    love the red market days ,they are great opportunity to get loaded up on coins at discount prices ….totally normal to have red market days …capitalize on them , today was what i was waiting for and i loaded up on the dips

  3. Zachary Cox
    Zachary Cox says:

    Im one of those guys who bought high, too high. Took coinbase 4 days to process my funds (thanks). It really hurts to ride out the dip, I'd rather get my ass kicked. But. Ride I shall – I'll either really regret it, or smile when I profit. But, I wont be the guy who throws away thousands because he bought a highly volatile thing and then thought it was a bright idea to sell 25% down from when he bought it. Though. This is one hell of a way to pop my crypto cherry.

  4. goodstrong
    goodstrong says:

    How do you keep track of everything you hold? Do you use any kind of data base file or excel to keep track of it all and where it’s held? There are so many places to purchase crypto on, hard to keep track of them.

  5. Rick Cisneros
    Rick Cisneros says:

    IF YOUR GONNA TRADE BITCOIN, you should learn to trade something far less costly, geesh people…Ive been trading for 20 years and Bitcoin for me, is not a trade at all. Its put away and forget about it. but thats just me.

  6. brad h
    brad h says:

    If Wall Street is going to be heavily involved in crypto, altcoin opportunities might be what to look for. And Jeff gives the most useful info on that out of anyone on YouTube in my opinion.

  7. brad h
    brad h says:

    CNBC gets the news and then reports it only after all the Wall Street pros have taken their positions and the stock has moved because of it. Then when everyone reacts to the news, taking positions, the pros pull back out, taking everyone's money, including HODL'ers. They learned this in the dotcom bubble. Yesterday, I predicted Bitcoin Cash would pull back. And it did. And who knows when it will stop.

  8. Anthony Stone
    Anthony Stone says:

    Hey Jeff. I got fomo and bought Bitcoin (.50) at 18k… Sigh…. Such a noob. But thanks to you I'm going to hold with confidence. It's scary stuff for us noobs 10k is a lot to me. Not my savings or anything.. it is play money… But when I think about the other things I could of did with it if I lose it is what scares me into wanting to sell. That being said I'm going to give it a year and see what happens after watching your videos daily.

  9. Kacper Dzida
    Kacper Dzida says:

    Hey Jeff! Not sure if you're reading these comments but tweeted you about Basic Attention Token (BAT) which has awesome idea behind it and superb team. Go check them out, it could use your Midas Touch 😀


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