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BOK eyeing digital currencies

Seoul city plans to float own cryptocurrency


Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger Slam Bitcoin Again, Resort To Elementary School Insults

Investor Sues Ripple Alleging ‘XRP Is a Security’

“It Never Was a Security”: Ethereum Under The Regulatory Spotlight

Kunal’s video: Buy Ethereum? Price Surge Coming? Upcoming ETH News 2018!

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30 replies
  1. Jonny Dee
    Jonny Dee says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  2. Sheldon Coke
    Sheldon Coke says:

    If you all think for one minute that Warren Buffett does not see the potential of Bitcoin, Crypto-currencies and Blockchain, then you are sadly underestimating this man and the resources he has available at his fingertips.
    It's an old trick…
    1. Use your immense influence to cause a scare and drive the price down.
    2. When it falls, you'll look like a genius (oracle) to everyone
    3. Buy a sh!t load of the stuff
    4. Make up some reason why you had a change of heart and advise people to buy at this more 'reasonable' price
    5. Sit back and watch as everyone buys and sends the price to the moon based on your 'genius' advise

  3. Helios
    Helios says:

    Those people invested in XRP when it was worth almost 4 dollars. They lost money and are now suing Ripple ? I hope the judge laughs them out of the court room.

  4. JR Rivas
    JR Rivas says:

    Regarding XRP, I know XRP is different than the Software Ripple, but, I have never liked that they use the name Ripple interchangeably (even on the exchanges) which is not very transparent. I honestly don't think that XRP would have as many investors as it does if it were not for the Ripple software side leveraging its name to the novice investor.

  5. jeffrey exposito
    jeffrey exposito says:

    Warren Buffet wants the return of the horse and buggy. He's a creature from the 19th century who is still beholden to the age of old money and the railroad and oil barons. He is no longer relevant today.

  6. Mant Aray
    Mant Aray says:

    Altcoin news im realizing is just repeating bullshit news which is already out there do u get it???i have been watching u guys for 1 year all yr doing is reading bullshit propaganda why not source yr own info instead of just reading fcking crap

  7. Mant Aray
    Mant Aray says:

    This is not news all your doing is reading Crap and making it news stop getting excited about these bank notes its bullshit BCH does 10 times better this is a load of crap its propaganda if u r into crypto stop being like CNN or whatever fcking wake up

  8. dhalsim shoots
    dhalsim shoots says:

    If eth and erc20 get classified as securities I'll buy the dip. I can't see them being labeled as such according to the those laws. They don't pertain to this class. At all. Nobody will register them anyway. To me it reminds me of the gold reserve act. Good luck with that.


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