Here is a look at news from around the world of crypotcurrency. Craigslist Cryptocurrency Option, Bitcoin Centralized, Litecoin price continues to surge to $200?


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  1. Devin Mc Kinney
    Devin Mc Kinney says:

    hempcoin!!!! When California (6th largest economy in the world) legalizes weed jan 1st and all of CANADA legalizes weed july 1st weed coins are going to sky rocket!!! The marijuana industry is the NEXT BIG MARKET you guys. GET IN NOW before 2018

  2. taylormade11100
    taylormade11100 says:

    If someone can help me understand something really quick that would be perfect. on coinmarketcap, there is 3 lines bitcoin, usd and market cap. why is bitcoin worth less than the usd amount. I'm trying to understand before i start purchasing other cryptos other than bitcoin and lite coin.


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