This is Altcoin News from the world of cryptocurrency. Coinbase #1 Ap on the Apple store,, Bitcoin Hard For from China, LTC surging to $200, Bitcoin Futures progresses and blockchain becomes relevant.


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  1. Dean C
    Dean C says:

    too late to jump on litecoin? feels complete FOMO to jump on now but feels like could do what IOTA did last week and surge further before the correction

  2. Devin Mc Kinney
    Devin Mc Kinney says:

    hempcoin!!!! When California (6th largest economy in the world) legalizes weed jan 1st and all of CANADA legalizes weed july 1st weed coins are going to sky rocket!!! The marijuana industry is the NEXT BIG MARKET you guys. GET IN NOW before 2018

  3. Ramses Reyes
    Ramses Reyes says:

    I haven’t been into crypto for as long as a lot of other folks but I’ve been using litecoin because of ease of use and speed. I tend to buy it and hold some and use some buy ripple and I waited for dash to go down some before I picked some up. Did it all with litecoin

  4. Giffty Senay
    Giffty Senay says:

    What is the cheapest wallet to use. I put Bitcoin in Mycellium and the fees are sinful. Like $50. Pls recommend a wallet that's easy for newbies, cheap fees, and fast to transfer to an exchange for trading. Thanks man

  5. Donald Aguirre
    Donald Aguirre says:

    Jeff, I wanna buy vtc but it seems every exchange is getting negative comments. Bittrex is full of complaints. Poloniex is also getting so many bad comments. I want in, but where should I go?


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