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With so much talk about the Bitcoin price, the fiat guys just cant stop talking about the Bitcoin Bubble.


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  1. Jim Bragg
    Jim Bragg says:

    So what are you using to track profits/losses. I am a believer that Uncle Sam will make it a crime to not disclose. I don't like it, but i know that the boot of the gov't is heavier than the gravity of a black hole. That said, I will log all my profits/losses and enjoy the profits I keep. That being said, any recommendations for an accounting program to track and be able to give what I think are going to be required docs to the IRS? I'm more of a HODLer than a Trader, so I hope to limit the taxable transactions. That is why I am glad to find this channel to identify the gems, or at least the 10% that won't disappear. Thanks!

  2. Sean S
    Sean S says:

    Hi @Altcoinbuzz, my name is Sean and im the head of PR/Marketing for NEUTRON which is a great staking/masternode coin and we have just completed our network upgrade and recently released our new wallet V 2.0 and today we launched our education platform. I would love you to join the Neutron discord channel https://discord.gg/mePkaJN so you can see what we up too and hang out. Keep up the creating great content.

  3. B C
    B C says:

    the devastation of this new era is messing up every high institution around the globe, because of the independence of all humans on this planet! as if criminal organizations started when bitcoin started!or bitcoin changed the behaviour of anything!

  4. Nico Schot
    Nico Schot says:

    i really have to say i have more then 40 vloggers that i follow and you are the one that have very good info about coins i traced lot of your videos and your coins Always have good profit you should have way more followers i think together with david hay and suppoman you are the best vlogger with good information ………………….!


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