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  1. David Seth Allen
    David Seth Allen says:

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  2. Luke Whitehand-Willick
    Luke Whitehand-Willick says:

    thanks for the hint cryptobro! I have been comparing the first wave in the lisk graph with the electroneum graph, and it kinda looks like electroneum just completed a double top W wave with a kiss in the middle… I think we might be getting a price drop nowish… Will buy again tonight and hold!

  3. V for Veracity
    V for Veracity says:

    I read the Blue whitepaper and was not even slightly impressed. There is no detail of what or how they plan to achieve their stated purpose, and even that was vague and hypothetical, "we COULD do this, and we COULD do that." Also a couple of typos, which is a huge red flag.

  4. Ryker777
    Ryker777 says:

    Seriously $1,000 in energy to mine 1 Bitcoin. Do you know how many millions of dollars a government waste a day and energy. do you know how much it cost to mine gold not even including the environmental impacts$1,000 per coin is inexpensive compared to its market cap and potential. All it is is shaming language designed by the elites and globalist to stop its March forward.

  5. Jim Bragg
    Jim Bragg says:

    Advice please. 3 weeks in and it feels like cheating :). Total portfolio up 70% and Iota and ADA are both up 300% from my $.91 and $.03 entry points. If Iota is a likely candidate to get to $5, why should I take some profit to put it in another coin w less of a pedigree. I could pull out 50% and wait for a pull back to come back in. I could leave them on the exchanges w a stop loss to get me into US TETHER if 20% drop occurs, but don't like the idea of a cpl grand sitting on the exchanges. Just a lot of dunno what to do hanging in the air. Not a bad thing…just a thing.

  6. Goren N
    Goren N says:

    If I only knew about this stuff month ago 🙁

    I Just came Back from 7 weeks Holiday. Best month of my Life but now I am so late with No Cash for this insane Market


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