$2 billion worth of ETH has been wrapped up in the Plus Token pyramid scheme, with much of it moving to Huobi in the past two months. Let’s talk about what the heck is happening with Plus Token and discuss research from Elementus.

Financing open-source development is incredibly difficult and it’s something the Litecoin Foundation is currently experiencing. Let’s talk about why it’s so tough and why Litecoin might be in trouble in the long-run because of it.

10 Million ETH: Big Mysteries Revealed About PlusToken

Litecoin Foundation Interview:

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  1. DKong1026
    DKong1026 says:

    I like the concept of open source development but as you have just pointed out, longevity eventually comes down to financial backing & stability. Litecoin should look at how some of the bigger players do it like the Mozilla Foundation as an example (I'm sure they already are though tbh).

  2. Jeremy Ng
    Jeremy Ng says:

    Bobby, please do a research starting from Cryptofunder Token (CFND) that have migrated into new pyramid scheme project called CLOUD TOKEN (CTO) that offer over 10% ROI a week and let us know your view on it.

    People are jumping into it and on Android apps wallet it stated that it already been downloaded over 100,000++ times.

    2017: Original Cloud Token (CLD) that is stale →https://icoholder.com/en/cloud-token

    2017: https://steemit.com/ico/@hawrepius/cryptfunder-ico-review-decentralized-funding#@cheetah/cheetah-re-hawrepiuscryptfunder-ico-review-decentralized-funding

    2017: The (CFND) team → https://icorating.com/ico/cryptfunder-cfnd/#team

    2017-2018: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3310443.1040

    2018: https://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/cloud-token-review-another-mobile-app-crypto-ponzi-scheme/

    2019: Invalid exchange? https://cloudtokenexchange.com/

    2019: https://behindmlm.com/companies/ronald-aai-faith-sloan-misrepresent-cloud-token-securities-fraud/

    Let your viewer know your thoughts and view about it.

  3. Joakim Holmer
    Joakim Holmer says:

    Really Good Episode Rob. Agree fully with your thoughts around Open Source development and it's governance. I have sold RedHat Enterprise Linux in my passed. Now they are owned by IBM. Money Talks at all times. – Joakim

  4. Alex M
    Alex M says:

    Harsh on LTC. In my un researched belief, BTC hasn’t done much development in years. Other than implementing segwit and the lightning network to some capacity, there hasn’t been much to show in years. LTC has always been much a copy of BTC and if the original doesn’t develop, then there is nothing new to copy.

  5. Eric Milchak
    Eric Milchak says:

    LTC is an OG that ALWAYS maintains 3rd highest volume. LTC is not going anywhere but up from here. Charlie sold three different times; 12/08/17 $96.00 12/11/2017 $155.00 12/18/2017 $350.00 for an average of $205.00

    We must also take into consideration that LTC is the highest performing coin since December 2018, even outdoing BIG DADDY BTC. Dec LTC LOW $22.50 currently $75.50 that is a 3.35 times increase since low. BTC Dec LOW $3,190.00 currently $10,000.00 that is a 3.14 times increase. There is no other coin in the market doing better than LTC…. PERIOD.

    ETH DEC LOW $82.83 CURRENT $195.00 2.35 TIMES

    So stop your bullshit FUD… do some fucking homework before spouting shit out of your mouth that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    XPAT RAN says:

    Totally agree about Binance…they always seem to maneuver any consequences and fud that was their own doing. They must have a great pr team/lawyers….after all the drama and hacks and suspicions with Binance, people still use them because they have most of the altcoins, ux is smooth and they don’t require kyc for under two btc. I think Dexs will continue to grow in usage, popularity and liquidity.

  7. Graham Dougherty
    Graham Dougherty says:

    A decentralized network is much better. You can keep all the "king" coins with all simple minds behind them pulling the strings to make a profit. Not an ETH fan after the King said he was creating more ETH lowering value of currently held ETH. In the end we already have a dollar why do we need another?


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