Is eBTC the dumbest thing in crypto? YUP! Here’s why… And is China re-opening up crypto exchanges after the big ban of September? Rumors are on the horizon and it could be good news for cryptocurrencies.

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  1. T3rrible Gaming
    T3rrible Gaming says:

    You should honestly redo a review on them. They've gained traction and shown they are building a good foundation with merchants. Their main goal is to be a merchant gateway for online commerce using ethereums tech.

  2. Rudy Cruz
    Rudy Cruz says:

    Fast forward 3months… what do you think of EBTC now? It might get on KuCoin exchange. It has most votes. ATH Of close to 3 usd. Ebtc is a faster bitcoin with ether smart contracts… focused on ecommerce.

  3. When Moon
    When Moon says:

    So this was made in october and I just joined the ebtc community and looks like they have a bunch of partners including one that is backed by microsoft, wondering if you changed your opinion? Also partnered with a proxy card, they just need a good exchange and they are golden.

  4. larj Larj
    larj Larj says:

    Look what happens with bitcoin cash, all the same shit bobby, I thought you would be used to this, LTC has much faster transaction speeds and is worth a fraction of BTC, when they decided the hard fork with BTC CASH look where that is now.. every specification was going to be nearly double that of BTC, people only follow the hype eBTC won't go anywhere. You should be more chilled man! There is nearly 1000 different currencies and more than 50% or more fail, even bitcoin cash has dropped in the rank ! Stick with BTC

  5. paulysview
    paulysview says:

    This is something that i have been trying to wrap my head around. If i want to buy………. say NEO and i put a bid on it and Bittrex gives me a specific price (in bitcoin) and amount of coins i will receive, does the fluctuations in Bitcoin price matter?

    For example: The price of Bitcoin may go down and i would therefore receive less NEO. The price of Bitcoin may go up and i theoretically should receive more NEO.

    So as i write this i realize the question that i am asking is the bid locked in?

    If this is so and Bitcoin soars, i would be wiser to cancel the t a new bit in based on the valuation of Bitcoin right?

    All help and discussion greatly appreciated

  6. reg s
    reg s says:

    Remember bobby my man evrybody was clowning on bitcoin when it came about. Low supply mad hype. If supply does not increase..are we in the good? LOVE YOUR SHOW BRO KEEP IT COMING!

  7. WastedTalent
    WastedTalent says:

    Good stuff man, as usual. Thank you for the Chaincoin tip…..15% in a day?..I'll take that. if China re-openes it would be insane. are you going to be putting more fiat into crypto if it looks like it is going to happen?


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