Bitcoin is over $7,000 right now, but before you sell everything and FOMO into BTC, let’s have a quick chat. There are two things that you absolutely need to know, before you do anything right now in the crypto markets. Sit back, relax and let’s discuss how not to lose your shirt on Bitcoin and crypto.

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  1. micheal grebb
    micheal grebb says:

    When it comes to binary options the lack of a strategy is not a real problem, the challenge is finding one that is at least decent that suits you. I was privilege to find this great man Mr Jacob Henderson.

  2. VerticalFreedom the Vegan
    VerticalFreedom the Vegan says:

    Yeah BTC is the biggest of Shitcoins, it’s only claim to fame is it was First (well second actually to XRP) 🤞🏽 it’s super slow, super expensive, most Ecco unfriendly coin; guzzling a medium sized countries electricity consumption to mine, totally hackable with 51%+ control of miners 😱 forking here, forking there for selfish profits, totally centralised by a couple of Chinese miners, no utility, no use case, no value beyond perceived 🥴 it’s dying a slow death 💀 but surely it is dying, soon to be replaced by 👑XRP👑

  3. DKong1026
    DKong1026 says:

    Thank you for your videos! Man, that's a bummer to hear that you're red/green colorblind :(. I'm sorry to hear that. Especially must make reading crypto charts a challenge some times :(. Big ups man.

  4. Enki Amo
    Enki Amo says:

    For those interested, stop by the FLASH Discord channel and I'll send
    you some to play around with. $FLASH – no owner, no middleman, no
    company, no frozen accounts, no regulation, just a community blockchain
    project for the people with 5 second transactions.

  5. Linn Redinger
    Linn Redinger says:

    Great information and perspective on how money flows into bitcoin but eventually overflows into aultcoins for outsized returns. I also witnessed this about the time I began to get interested in crypto during the last bull market. Buying the low to mid caps now may not give instant returns but eventually it will be amazing 😎 if history repeats

  6. pre4closures
    pre4closures says:

    Should I DCA into AST? When CrytoBobby quit 9 to 5 to work for them, I knew there had to be some promise there so a made a small investment. But I'm down 97.6% thru today, largest drawdown on any investment I've ever made. What does the future hold for AirSwap?

  7. Jon Baker
    Jon Baker says:

    You wouldn't be buying $25 worth for very long at the top prices shit crashed so fast and since we spent most time at 6k-3k range it makes sense that now we are at 7k you would be up. Regardless this is a good point of dollar cost averaging

  8. ChronoFlation
    ChronoFlation says:

    picked a terrible time to start trading. I started flipping the day before the rise happened this week and missed out on .65 bitcoin getting this recent rise. Well, that sucks. oh well

  9. logikalmadness
    logikalmadness says:

    just wait intill BTC drops below 1000… this is all a scam to separate people from their money…yes some people make money lots more lose you cant create money out of thin air unless you devalue the current money your exchanging it into….but its ok make them bucks while u can

  10. J M
    J M says:

    Let me know your thoughts on the DIP strategy.
    The DIP will give users the confidence to buy at any price knowing that in the long run they will get a good deal, specially during this market.

    I try to DCA, but a lot of times I don’t use the same amounts because I feel that the price could ether drop or go higher. This program will remove emotions all together and if it works as advertise I could get more crypto for my dirty fiat.


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