Alright guys, this weeks new Top Altcoin as selected by you, the Altcoin Army is Titanium Blockchain. This is a new coin to me, but we did take a look and did the review. Share your thoughts on Titanium Blockchain BAR.


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  1. Sanjay B
    Sanjay B says:

    You did mention that you don't hold a position in this token. Does any of the Altcoin Buzz folk hold any Titanium Bar? Have you guys been paid in tokens or any other crypto to promote this? If your answer is yes to either of the questions I think it's only ethical that you disclose. I wouldn't care about this if your channel was called "Blockchain J" or "Jeff", but there are quite a few folk in your team who create content and if this shill benefits even one of you, in our eyes it benefits all of you.

  2. XS Blockchain
    XS Blockchain says:

    Scam! They pulled an exit scam and the developer ran away with 16M BAR stating it's a 'hack'. What a load of BS. Hope people didn't get ripped off with this! Please make a vid about this.

  3. Titanium Blockchain Services Inc.
    Titanium Blockchain Services Inc. says:

    Hi. This is Michael Stollaire, Founder and CEO of Titanium. I’ve just sent the roadmap to my graphics guys as this is not the first time someone thought we would deliver our first product in 2020 as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will be released before March 1, 2018, which is shown on the big, red rectangle in the roadmap. If there’s anything else I can clear up, please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally. Thanks!

  4. Chris Slee
    Chris Slee says:

    Do u know who Michael is???? Best team that There is!!’ Mike helped verge, Tesla, McDonald’s, Apple, Microsoft, Disney , the last goes on an on this guy is the shit… will be $100 at least in a yr..

  5. David Binder
    David Binder says:

    Shitty Review content is only sucking more and more each video .Im sure by this point jeff only spends time reporting on the coins he has investments in and the coins he gets paid to promote. Iv been following this channel since it was below 7k followers the content and quality has only lowered since and just like data dash or anyone else, its for the money he dosnt make videos just to do it … So take everything with a grain of salt or jeffy jeff is gonna leave yall with bags lol..


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