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33 replies
  1. Abdul Said
    Abdul Said says:

    Can anyone confirm if there will be a decision made on the 30th since suppomans latest video suggests that it has already been delayed and hence the 30th is irrelevant. Thanks

  2. Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis says:

    It clearly states that they are instituting proceedings on how to decide, it is not a delay, it is a notice of consideration, they have begun considering it. They are asking for comments and rebuttals to get public opinion to help them decide. It's not a delay or postponement, it is them straight up saying they are considering it.
    The timelines they have given are also clear, 21 days for comments, and a further 35 days from time of comment to rebutt it.
    Assuming the registrar was opened on the same day of publication, this gives us 12th Oct (21 days from 21st) for comments, and then 16th Nov for end of rebuttal period.
    There is no period stated for which they will make a final decision after this discussion period, likely depending on public interest.
    This will be the longest an ETF has been considered by the SEC, very good news they are taking them more seriously.

  3. Jesuit takeover of USA Sept 2015 - POPE ADDRESSING US CONGRESS
    Jesuit takeover of USA Sept 2015 - POPE ADDRESSING US CONGRESS says:

    Suppoman, please check this out objectively.

    If you understand Bible Prophecy you will prosper. Daniel Chapter 2 is an outline of superpowers till the end of the world. Revelation chapters 12 to 18 especially 13 provides details of how the last superpower works, how its financial structure of world dominance is setup. Cryptos are a transition phase of this world dominance system by one power. For the time being we are trading them, prospering from them, but soon once mass adoption hit critical mass we will see how Cryptos/digital money, blockchain will lead us to relinquish our freedom especially once everything is tokenized.

    Tokenization of everything will be the final phase of world dominance of one power.

    Clue, Fascia in US Congress, and other government buildings. Former US Secretary of State Madam Albright

    Enjoy it for now before it enslave all of us. Its spiritual, not financial.

    Cryptos are the wheels of this system being built, blockchain is the engine, Tokenization of everything is the fuel/oil that energizes the system.

    Blockchain +Cryptos+Tokenization = Wholesale tracking of everything, everyone in this cashless system being built.

    Ripple is a major Cryptos to be used in this new system for financial inter institutional transactions as opposed to current swift system. The volatility is currently designed to draw us in as we make profits, get comfortable with cashless system. Cryptos will stabilize with time, the will be few Cryptos left.

    We are entering an era where tech giants will have more power than some powerful governments. Automation will be their source of wealth and power as they will fund governments income grants for the masses whose jobs will be taken by automation. Democracy will be replaced by Fascism, multinational tech giant companies will rule the masses with iron fist. Unimaginable techs will give them control of the masses. The issue is their source of these unimaginable techs. Its spiritual.

    Cryptos know no country borders, country sovereignty will be destroyed by this digital cashless system, same as individual freedoms will be relinquished as we are invasively tracked more.

    The system is spiritual though it appears financial to many of us. The endgame is winning each of us to one spiritual side, either God,'s side or the fallen angels side with their human agents.

    Please take time to digest this info, interrogate it, then make up your mind what are going to do with it.

    "Time is a good judge of one's decisions" JV

  4. Lisa Bittner
    Lisa Bittner says:

    im sooooo confused. There is no decision from the SEC. NO news is good news to me. Its not like they said NO. Instead they are talking right? So what is the issue? I know my personality type is always seeing the positive and to me this is amazing and not a bad thing. HOLD ON

  5. M System
    M System says:

    You are so in love with yourself that you missed it all about Electroneum:

    Electroneum is a different story entirely

    KYC and Instant Payments caught you all by surprise, everyone is so used to calling ETN shitcon that you all did not realize that there is a fintech company light years ahead of anything currently in crypto. Sure you want to argue about who was first and who has done it, show me another crypto, first that is a real company and second that is currently in the process of securing major deals with mobile network operators to use ETN as a currency. Why becasue of the KYC in place, so go ahead keep spinning your wheels about who was first and argue about the decentralization.

    ETN is the fastest growing crypto ever, with over 2 million users in just its first 7 months (this bests the rate of growth of Facebook and Twitter); ETN has an Apple IOS App approval (what other coin has that?) currently in Beta with 10,000 testers; Over 1 Million Google Play store app downloads; and a patented Vendor API for Crypto InstaPayments with over 1,000 Vendors at this moment involved in the Beta…and ETN is only just getting started. I think I mentioned ETN has not even been live for 1 year yet, and already all of this. Since the ICO concluded marketing for ETN has not yet begun; the same massive marketing which set an all time record-breaking ICO with ETN.
    Here’s the deal: Electroneum is going catch this entire crypto space by storm because right now you have the 1% who are already in crypto sloshing their money around inside this space from project to project. But very soon ETN is going to start aggressively marketing and generously embracing and attracting massive chunks of the 99% not involved in crypto. Many of these folks – specifically the $3 Trillion market in the developing world of 1.7 Billion people – have never had a digital payment solution ever before. ETN is focused like a laser on providing a simple and intuitive solution for enablement of this population.

    Richard Ells has said for Electroneum to even attract just 100 million of them shouldn’t be too hard. This is going to flood new money into this space and ETN will rise as it attracts these new users. ETN’s rise will be hard to ignore, and the snowball effect will become an avalanche.

    Say Hi to Jeff

  6. ola art
    ola art says:

    Here the reasons ETF's is bad idea for the current state of bitcoin…First of all bitcoin needs to increase its value by actual having some kind of adoption which doesn't for the masses. Next reason because we already have too much manipulation from exchanges. Next reason can't trust fund managers with other people's funds..The retail investors will not have access to their private keys, only the fund managers and I'm sure they will be careless with peoples funds…we need the private keys to be better distributed by individuals instead of just giving control to a few players..last reason, the MCAP is only a couple billions which can be easily manipulated…we need at least more than a trillion MCAP for crypto market to be more stable and most important to get some real adoption from these platforms…it's not a good idea to chill or pump ETF's for the crypto ecosystem because let's say if it gets approved and something goes wrong with manipulation then that's going to give bad name to crypto and scare off the regular retail investors

    Le LEVYATHAN says:

    BE CAREFUL with those rebounds… BTC will fall again …. the conditions of a new euphoria are not around yet … the losses were too big … still too much mistrust, there's not enough volume

  8. DoctorWa
    DoctorWa says:

    Found this little tibit in the announcement on page 2 after re-reading: "This order institutes proceedings under Section 19(b)(2)(B) of the Act to determine whether to approve or disapprove the proposed rule change." According to Section 19(b)(2)(B) of the Exchange Act, a new deadline is 180 days from the date of publication of the proposal in the Federal Register, which is July 2, 2018 plus180 days, which is December 29, 2018…. Somewhat confusing…but it appears it is delayed….lots of legalese…

  9. crypt0bank
    crypt0bank says:

    If there was not a decision made today, isn't the default conclusion that this 'is' a delay? My theory is when btc stops dumping on fud or bad news or etf delays, this is a bullish indicator. Nothing related directly to etf. Just my opinion.

  10. Ob Liggit
    Ob Liggit says:

    Reddit is worse. Top story says it’s delayed and everyone is agreeing. Anyone asking where gets downvoted. There’s one response from the OP saying section 19 b2b and is completely wrong.

    Though my stance on thinking it will be dis/approved is another story, but facts is it doesn’t say delay.

    I will say that the Sec (after reading it thoroughly) implies that it’s considering disapproving the cboe but would like letters from the public as to their thoughts on the trustworthiness of the exchange and if they should be considering approving


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