IS LIBRA THE END OF BITCOIN & ALTCOINS? #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #altcoins

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42 replies
  1. Mike C
    Mike C says:

    All those companies attached to Libra are going to get fees for selling and making the transactions for FB, that is all. The stock holders will get Libra coins and they will profit from selling those coins for $1 per coin, the stable price. No incentive for the average person to buy it except for using it and having to pay someone to do their taxes because every transaction is taxable, right? Even if they make no gains they still have to document every transaction because the coin was traded and the IRS wants to know everything we do. So I dont think people will use it as much once they realize they have to go through all the tax crap crypto holders go through every year. We'll see. Not too worried about it. Bitcoin will still rise in price and surprise everyone.

  2. MarionPT
    MarionPT says:

    I think it will be the perfect bridge between crypto and fiat. it will be a more functional tether. crypto will be the stock market for the next gen and libra its fiat.

  3. peter sallas
    peter sallas says:

    Why would you trust Zuckerberg he used and abused his power of Facebook people wake up he will release all your information to the elites without any exceptions don't trust him and bitcoin was made to beat the reserve banks and you to have financial freedom

  4. Gregory DelValle
    Gregory DelValle says:

    Many have tried. XRP is part of the WHOLE SYS. Who do you think Amex, Visa, MoneyGram, etc are using? Who do you think IMF, Central banks are using? Who do you think SWIFT is using? How do you think all these institutions are making payments in 3-4 seconds? WE ARE THE BRIDGE.

  5. Mattster 1
    Mattster 1 says:

    Great video update….made me more confident in my understanding. Libra coin is not giving you any value…select projects will stand the test of time….Btc..Ltc..etc……..It's not about if you trust FB or not, people….many do..and this will help people understand crypto and onramp into Btc and alts……evolve.

  6. SBM Gen Z
    SBM Gen Z says:

    Like for helping people to leave that fiat market and entering to real value..guess how massive bullrun it will be when people realize hyperinflation and decentralision, gold standard.. LIBRA will be next netscape for Blockchain revolution 👍🏻😛😈

  7. Richard D
    Richard D says:

    If Libra is successful I think that’s the end of a lot of current coins trying to get mass adoption. This is exactly what we didn’t want crypto to be. I will not be using it period!

  8. Alon Basis
    Alon Basis says:

    Thank you Suppo!
    I believe there is a place for Libra.
    As a Director of the Rainbow Currency project which is a semi private global currency I know the great advantages a trustable digital currency will provide for the masses, No more lost accounts and money loss.

    Rainbow Cuurency will soon launch infull, Be prepared.

  9. Cedric J
    Cedric J says:

    Two things I like about Libra coin. #1 – Bringing an awareness to the Crytpo markets, which could contribute to more investors/traders into the world of Crypto. This would allow all of us that are in Crypto at the moment a year to invest and buy before the market really booms. And #2 – A reliable stable coin. I mean I only wish they had some sort of staking program, where you could park your money and earn interest on it in Libra coins. Then if you wanted to buy something with Crypto you can just convert it into another coin/token, this way they can't really track you so to speak. You don't necessarily have to use the Libra coin in your day to day business transactions, you can just use it sort of like a savings account. And I believe an entity like Facebook have the backing, financial and otherwise to support a reliable stable coin. +Suppoman: how can we capitalize on what we think could happen? I personally believe the masses are going to be attracted initially to the most popular coins/tokens before they venture out into others. For example I would at least put about the top 25 coins/tokens will see in increase in price due to masses purchasing them. Especially the ones that could be used like a currency. Like Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin, DASH. Because think about, I believe the masses will initially use the Libra coin a lot as a currency. But when people start bringing an awarness to them of how their spending habits could be compromised, they will ask, "Well, what are my other options?". So what are the main cryptos that these companies will allow to be used to purchase things: ETH, LTC, Dash, BTC, etc. And I believe these will purchased in droves which will cause some serious price spikes.

  10. Oskar Bravo
    Oskar Bravo says:

    I met Andreas Antonopoulos tonight in Edinburgh, and he had a lot of very interesting things to say about Libra. He feels like this is the first move in Silicone Valley attacking the traditional banking systems, and this is going to be the first move in the banks being unravelled and losing their grip. He also feels like Libra will bring the masses into Crypto utilisation the same way that AOL brought the masses into regular internet adoption. The negatives are (obviously) FB are centralised and have a very poor track record with private data. A single change to their terms and conditions in 5 years can backtrack on everything good they've said in the whitepaper. I'm paraphrasing a lot here, no doubt he'll release a more "formal" statement about it. Very interesting stuff though! FAANG vs Banks, I'm gonna get the Popcorn out for that one!!!


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