WHICH ALTCOINS WILL GO UP WHEN THE FOMO COMES?! 🔥 📈#cryptocurrency #bitcoin #bullmarket

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45 replies
  1. Dent Coin Product Overview
    Dent Coin Product Overview says:

    Have you looked to DENT Coin , utility token which lets you buy mobile data. Your view about DENT would be much appreciated.
    Next to Basic Attention Token, DENT has one of the largest user base close 23 Million Users registered on their mobile app. This is one of the best crypto coins which someone could actually use for something. Thanks
    If you don't believe you can just go ahead and download the DENT mobile app from Playstore and straight away you could start using the app for top ups and mobile data. Moreover they are launching their own e-sim offering from Jan 2020. Has a huge growth potential and first mover advantage on the Telco Space.

  2. Fire Up
    Fire Up says:

    Quant will go up loads, they have just been awarded an official patent for their Overledger technology which will be implemented by 570 banks….including central banks. There will be a lot more deals/partnerships to come, the team is the A-Team and has connections with Governments, banks and health services.

  3. Anji Kumar
    Anji Kumar says:

    Just watched and I’m buzzing with excitement! Loved your video and enjoyed watching the chat from Team Suppo. Couldn’t tune in earlier as was at work – can’t concentrate on my job when I have Crypto on my brain 😆. I’m stuck in Alts so looking forward to the pumps!!💪💪

  4. Mark B
    Mark B says:

    Hi Suppo, glad you gave Omnitude a small mention, their partnership with Capita is very much a reality, next big partnership announcement could well be UniLever, I've been with them since ICO and they are talking to them alot but nothing official yet, I'm sure you realise the bigger the company the longer it takes to iron out the contracts, great times ahead for this Great British Blockchain middleware company, brilliant video btw, loved it and thank you for taking the time to put it out there. Patience is the key skipper 👊

  5. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    I Waited for you All Night Long! Haha 😆..Thank You for Coming LIVE!🙏 Great Song! Energy! Content! … and Hair👌.. 🔥There IS No Other Place To Be! 💯🙏❤️🔥🔥🔥.. My original comment got deleted by accident when responding to someone.. so sorry bout that, whoever you were ..oops lol

  6. xastunts
    xastunts says:

    great video suppoman! I watched until the end. well worth watching as usual. been missing your videos lately and Im glad they are back! sitting tight and hoping the altcoin season is going to kick off real hard and long to! best luck to you and your followers! peace!!

    PUSH PLAY says:

    What coin is kyc ready? Regulation ready? fintech ready? real working product ready? Millions of users ready? Currently being used as a currency in Africa? THE ANSWER IS…ELECTRONEUM, this coin going to explod.


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