John McAfee posted about on Tron on his Instagram. The Instagram post does not carry with it as much influence as his Twitter all though it is noteworthy.


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  1. John Crypto
    John Crypto says:

    Tron will be amazing in 2018. I would buy now. Solid team backed by a huge finance with an even larger market potential. Come comment next year when you are living large. 🙂

  2. Darkendevoures
    Darkendevoures says:

    Appreciate the optimist philosophy bro had to write it down an all sorts! Lol serious though really want to embody that, by the way about the next Tron there was allot of action yday with Kilocoin however limited volume and exchange access begs the question would u be able to sell when desired??? Also loads of action with these bogus looking dentist coins!!! Getting quite consistent deffo worth looking further into.

  3. Jeremiah Lim
    Jeremiah Lim says:

    I just received news, the developer of THC already planned to list newly forked tokens on BIG Chinese and Korean exchanges assp in Jan 2018. Binance, Huobi, Hitbtc and 3rd largest Korean exchange Coinone. THC is very popular for Asians, the uniqueness being the only agriculture token and privacy crypto debit card. It is a mathematical certainty it will be listed in at least 2 of the above mentioned exchanges by mid Feb. Coinone will take in THC because it just listed Monaco, a crypto debit card token. What does it mean for valuation of THC coins? Listing on Chinese and Korean exchanges will increase 300% in valuation compared to Bittrex. Monaco went from $5 to $18 after it was listed on Chinese and Korean exchanges. Please share this info with the community, friends and family. Sell your car, mortgage your house, take a personal loan to amass your holdings for a sure win 10x gain. If you buy in after new year, it be too late. More news coming!
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  4. ledzeppeman
    ledzeppeman says:

    got into tron at 27sat. I sold like a DA around 100, thinking it would drop and correct. Bought back in around 200. Day trading fucked me. But still, very nice profit. roughly 1000 percent.


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