In this video Jeff from Altcoin Buzz discusses whether or not it is too late to buy Bitcoin in 2019? With the crypto market having been bearish in 2018, many are awaiting a long anticipated uptrend in the crpyto market. Currently Bitcoin has a 50 percent dominance over the market that has been going up month after month. Is Bitcoin a good buy, below $5,000 per coin? Well you must ask yourself if you are patient enough to wait it out if this little rally leads to a decline in price.

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  1. Wesley Safex
    Wesley Safex says:

    Jeff, I’m sorry to hear your views on this. You used to be inspiring and a voice for this community, but it sounds like 2018 got the best of you. All I hear now is mainly fear and jadedness unfortunately. There are plenty of projects delivering and is only the beginning. It will take time, maybe more than we might have anticipated but isn’t it worth the wait? For me it is. If you DYOR and invest in projects that are healthy and full of spirit (i.e. Shash picks are killing it) what is there to fear? DYOR. Wish you the best.

  2. Alex Carbery
    Alex Carbery says:

    Glad to see you again Jeff! I made a lot of money in 2017 with what I learned from you. Sold all my crypto positions then and bought into stocks & bonds after the crash and it was a good choice so far, but I cannot wait to see the first true signs of crypto turning bull again!

  3. Arik Nudelman
    Arik Nudelman says:

    the dude really sounds like he gave up on crypto lmaooo… I remember how hyped u used to be back in the bull run and how many video u used for make… what happened u were hoping for a Lambo and didn't cash out when u had the chance or taken some profits out ? seems like u got depressed and went Mia during the bear market and now back again after a 2 day bull run…. had respect for u back in the day and now u just sound like a typical crypto hypocrite lol


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