The crypto markets have pulled back close to 50%, so what is the potential ROI if you were to buy in now and see a return to previous all time highs. Let’s walk through my spreadsheet, and also discuss why not every single cryptocurrency will return to ATH’s.

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Also, let’s talk a bit about the South Korea exchange “ban” FUD and why it’s really not a big deal.

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  1. Frank Ternay
    Frank Ternay says:

    think markets are slowly working toward sorting out real vs myth or fraud, it will still take time. cb and few other utubers do a good job but like bobby always says do ur own due diligence

  2. Randall Paul
    Randall Paul says:

    A lot of scared people and it broke all supports not fun if you were a holder . The worst thing is to sell if you own a good coin. You could cost average in or just wait it out. Think waves. We needed this correction I believe and there is a positive side to it if you believe in the technology. Markets have a tendency to look at the ATH psychologically. so that is in your favor.. I do believe we have a little more to go but not much specially with BTC, LTC and ETH

  3. FKekesi
    FKekesi says:

    Does the anonymous ban in South Korea affects only permanent residents or does it affect anyone who trades within their borders? Because I think of traveling there for 4 months next year and would like to know if i'll be affected

  4. Digiclear 333
    Digiclear 333 says:

    Aren’t we HONESTLY expecting a 3-6 trillion market cap in the next 2-3 years? I mean why squabble over this dip.. I see just about every damn coin with contracts and real use blowing up by that time. Ignore the FUD guys. Bitcoin is the NEW gold. It’s just gonna take time for everyone to adapt as with any huge change. Just be patient.

  5. Paul John Longua
    Paul John Longua says:

    What does this mean for Binance? Isn't it anonymous? Will BNB be worthless come January 30th? (the South Korean enforcement date). Will Binance ask for SSN? Should I move all money out of Binance?


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