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In this video, Mattie talks about NEO’s recent announcement to compete with Amazon and Dropbox. He also gives you the latest from Nasdaq and Fidelity who recently invested in ErisX. This is a daily segment.
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NEO Announces ‘NeoFS’ to Compete With Dropbox and Amazon

NEO on CoinGecko

ErisX Obtains Funding From Market Giants!

Nasdaq & Fidelity Invest in Wall Street Crypto Exchange ErisX

Analyzing the FUD: Why There Is No “Death Spiral” Coming for Bitcoin Anytime Soon

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24 replies
  1. Mozes ong
    Mozes ong says:

    Here are my thoughts on NEO.
    ETH is like yahoo.
    NEO is like google.
    In the beginning yahoo was winning but google killed it at the end.
    ETH is shit with hell a lot of issues like transaction speeds and cost.
    Neo, zero cost to transfer, and is muchh muchh faster than eth.
    Neo even pays u to keep neo, they pay u gas.
    What i see is eth is going to die with plans to fix scaling issues only by the year 2020.
    Neo is gona be the google of crypto. Mark my words, i rest my case.

    CRYPTO ON ACID says:

    I swear this shit is sketchy , the voice in the neo video is Dean degtren , the developer from city of Zion” founder “ of Nos , the new project . Why wouldn’t they hire more of a professional voice over guy or something , really weird .

  3. AGBUGBU clever
    AGBUGBU clever says:

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  4. old duffer
    old duffer says:

    In the UK, the NSPCC is "National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children" – this was founded in 1884. To have its initials be exactly the same as this other company is one heck of a co-incidence. I can foresee some sort of legal issue with this

  5. Maximwise
    Maximwise says:

    Store and serve my critical data on servers obligated to do the bidding of the China government, a country rife with plagiarism and copyright theft and data hacking, that's got to be the stupidest thing i've ever heard.


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