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  1. Ginger w
    Ginger w says:

    Hi Nick! Everytime I click on your raiblocks wallet spot, a page comes up describing how it's not secure all of the the things that can be done to my private information if I proceed further,,,,,,,,??? Will u please address this problem? As, I am very interested in becoming part of xrb.. .but, I cannot, considering what is happening, as you can see….??? Thank you Kindly, Nick! I soooo appreciate you and all that you do for humanity😊 Bless You😊Namaste' 😊

  2. cedrix57
    cedrix57 says:

    Thanks for the video. I am not sure that I understood what would happen if, let say I do a transaction with one of my neighbor. Then a second after the transaction a flood arrive and destroy both of our computers. Will there be a way to remember the transaction as it is possible with bitcoins?

  3. Ramesh S
    Ramesh S says:

    How about flooding it sufficiently to cause a denial of service attack. Then everybody else's transactions will be delayed for very long and the attacker incurs no cost other than that of running his attack bots.
    I think it is important to attain scalability with the right balance of security and decentralization depending on market needs. It's no use to complete a transaction quickly if you can end up losing your money. The ones who get the balance right will be successful.

    Where does raiblock stand in relation to this?

  4. Cuida tu salud emocional
    Cuida tu salud emocional says:

    Colin LeMahieu has designed what is possibly the best cryptocurrency that exists to date to make reliable payments, fast and without costs, and he has called it Raiblocks, but why do we say that it is the best digital money in the world, especially for microtransactions?
    1.- Transactions almost instantaneous.
    RaiBlocks is a cryptocurrency with a novel architecture called Block-lattice where each account has its own blockchain, providing an almost instantaneous transaction speed. Having a blockchain for each account, allows them to update it asynchronously with the rest of the network, generating fast transactions with minimal overhead.
    2.- Virtually unlimited scalability.
    The network requires minimal resources, without high-power mining hardware and can process high transaction performance. This means that Raiblocks will not have the saturation problems of the network that other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum have, which can only process a few transactions per second. RaiBlocks can reach 7,000 transactions per second, much higher than the 1,500 transactions of Ripple, the cryptocurrency driven by the banking system.
    3.- Zero commissions.
    Because the protocol is incredibly light and the execution of a node costs almost nothing, RaiBlocks transactions are processed without cost. The operation of the RaiBlocks network does not require the existence of miners. RaiBlocks uses a proxy voting agreement of Proof of Stake.
    4.- Energy saving.
    The non-dependence of mining also supposes avoiding the energetic cost that is derived from the use of powerful computers that, to mine a currency, consume enormous amounts of electricity.
    5.- It can be used with minimal hardware.
    Since the network is extremely light, it can be operated with a weak device such as a mobile phone that is not high-end. It can be used with a minimum Internet connection.
    6.- It is an anti-inflationary currency.
    There are no miners and, therefore, you will never create more coins of this cryptocurrency. From the beginning, we have all the coins in circulation that will exist ever. This means that Raiblocks will not depreciate due to the creation of new currencies and that the more people who own this cryptocurrency, the more its price will increase.
    All these reasons make Raiblocks the ideal cryptocurrency for fast and reliable payments for people.
    Raiblocks (XRB) can be purchased on KuCoin: https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1Nyy5 or on Mercatox: https://mercatox.com/?referrer=82895

    THE GOAT says:

    I like the tech and everything behind xrb, and right before I was about to load up on this one I thought to myself..why is it dropping a bit all of a sudden. Yeah yeah i know just about all the cryptos have a correction after massive run ups and it's normal but most of the action on kucoin are sell orders. And also looking at this angle where it's just about tax return season time and it hasn't hit binance yet..hmmm… the average Joe just getting into crypto is gonna look at the next cheapest coin that has the perceived ability to overtake bitcoin and it's the hottest coin on YouTube and everyone is talking about it and looook oh my the all time high was around $35 and now I can get it for $20-25 and it hasn't even hit binance yet??? Shit let me stock up on this puppy!!!

  6. spidey4fun
    spidey4fun says:

    Just a quick suggestion that you might already be doing that everyone should do for their privacy if you publicly share your Raiblocks address . Open a second Raiblocks address within your wallet and transfer your balance between accounts every once and while to keep your balance private. Anyone can grab your above address and check out your balance.

  7. ck9292
    ck9292 says:

    I wish I would have learned about rai and stashed some some xrb in this(xrb_1iogncxk63zjttwqidw1jxhdimubmtph5mtrtk87hd6qfsa4ph6boy3b41z9) bad boy last month. I put about 25% of my total net worth into Rai which is sadly 45xrb at $30 average. I could really use a ride on an xrb rocket to the moon at this point in my life. Moon baby moon!

  8. Mitchell
    Mitchell says:

    How much coin do the raiblock creators own? And if someone could explain, what prevents the creators or incredibly wealthy individuals from creating massive amounts of nodes and distributing their wealth equally through them to control the network? Then the creators could have majority on any dispute easy.

  9. James Writte
    James Writte says:

    Not sure if other people have been getting the hate I’ve been getting but a lot of people feel that raiblock xrb is a scam coin. I’m hoping it’s not so because I did buy some after this video but I’m in on the high side I hope I don’t lose my a$$

  10. M. P.
    M. P. says:

    This coin has strong fundamentals and no magical promises… just clean, secure and fast coin, exactly what bitcoin was meant to be. If the crypto people think about it, it should value at least the same of bitcoin (in market cap), about $2000 usd per coin today. I think it will get there soon or later, and if bitcoin do not evolve, may be raiblocks can became bigger than bitcoin. This should be the most logical outcome!


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