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  1. VAS
    VAS says:

    OK! as a 2019 investor here, these are my thoughts about Mysterium and the future of MYST, please read carefully.

    1-This is not a financial advise, please do your own research always for any crypto
    2-I'm really surprised that you didn't even mention their github profile and how active they were/are from 2017 on their github page, and as a developer I can see the amount of coding and hard work they are putting on their project.
    3-They already have now in 2019 working product and started to give people the opportunity to test their product and install nodes for connection.

    Personally, with such a project with such a low Market cap ( currently 2M only) there is very high chance to get to 1 billion even more in the future when they HYPE of CRYPTO and Blockchain starts in the next coming years. Also it's good that (currently) only trading on very few exchanges with low volume so that gives more chance to accumulate with lower prices.

    Finally, I hope that this post will be read by someone in the next bull market or maybe the one after when the price of MYST already breaking much higher than now.

    I mean really, with such as low market cap and active product/development + active community, what do we need more 😉

    This is an investor walked from here in 2019 where MYST today $0.09….See you in future guys 😀

  2. Mesut Serbest
    Mesut Serbest says:

    A new coin is coming out Privatix, they already provide VPN services and now they want to expand with the funds they raise from their ICO. They are also doing the same thing as mysterium, decentralized VPN services. If you could do a video on Privatix that would be great!

  3. Phil Ryder
    Phil Ryder says:

    How will a decentralized VPN perform speed-wise over blockchain? I am not sure how it works from a technical standpoint but if its too slow that could be tough to overcome.

  4. Martyn Goodey
    Martyn Goodey says:

    Hey love the videos! I have invested in some mysterium and at the moment i am just leaving it on the exchange as i could not find a wallet. i was wondering how you store yours? cheers

  5. Dry Dessert
    Dry Dessert says:

    The website is full of grammar errors. The idea that legal measures (doubt worthy in in itself given that different countries have different laws in place) and a reputation system are a solution to the possibility that others use your IP for their activities on the net is laughable. I would never use this.

  6. Naz Pahlani
    Naz Pahlani says:

    I spend a lot of time china because of work, and i can assure VPN is widely used here with foreigners and slowly more with the locals as they travel more outside of China and learn about platforms that are widely used and blocked in China (ie instagram/facebook/etc). Big fan of Mysterium thanks for update on how market cap is growing i will start a position on it and grow it slowly as i see it growing. Cant wait to use the Mysterium VPN once its ready!

  7. WokWithJosh
    WokWithJosh says:

    Hey. This is awesome. I recently started following your vids and you have replaced some of my previous youtuber. Did you mention about mysterium other token competitors or there isnt?


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