Every time the crypto market drops, there are all kinds of media outlets reporting “THIS is the reason why Bitcoin is falling!”. And today is no exception, with CNN Money proclaiming, “Bitcoin plunges as social media cracks down on cryptocurrency ads”. But guess what, sometimes the market just falls/dips/corrects without specific reason.

Let’s talk about the media’s willingness to attribute crypto bear markets on certain topics, as well as the fact that many in the crypto markets are simply picking up and leaving now that the gains are gone.

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48 replies
  1. Han Sagan
    Han Sagan says:

    ..YOU are part of crypto media in this world.. when you post clickbait feeds like crypto flames or CRASH stuff you are part of the problem. Just constructive criticism.

  2. Ryan Dawson
    Ryan Dawson says:

    What is your guys strategy for cashing back out to Fiat to take profits? With all these horror stories about people's 10k/100k wire transfers being in limbo on Coinbase how the fuck am I supposed to take profits with any sort of confidence?!

  3. larj Larj
    larj Larj says:

    Do you know what’s fucked up crypto ? It’s been developed for a potential adoption in multiple areas. Yes there’s manipulation, but if people are buying crypto for more fiat-like what you produce in your videos. What’s the point of supporting crypto ? Defeats the objects completely ? Don’t forget BTC was run underground for years at 30 bucks. They whales are the ones who used to try and get by selling weed online 😂

  4. Jason B
    Jason B says:

    Hey Crypto Bobby first of all love the videos! Hey man we're hosting a Crypto Conference being held in Valley Forge, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, on August 18, 2018 (www.cryptocoincon.com). I know you're just north of us and have a ton of fans down this way! If you're interested we'd love to have you attend! Visit the site and let us know! Oh and keep the vids coming!!

  5. Saadrick
    Saadrick says:

    All the newbies are panicking, but if you've followed the market for at least a year you know there are cycles. Look at crypto at this time last year. It was down in the same fashion. And then there was a run in May and then another down turn until October, November. HODL people HODL.

  6. Ayy Lmao
    Ayy Lmao says:

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    I bought in for 1.55 ETH not even a day ago and already made 0.45 ETH net profit + the P3D token also go up every hour (it did x2 the last 6 days while the whole market is red!)

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    thank me later 🙂

  7. Gee Willickers
    Gee Willickers says:

    You can't blame people for leaving. Crypto is speculative. Period. If your investment strategy depends on hype, and lack of fud, then you're playing the wrong game. Adoption will make price go up. Everything else is hype and hope.

  8. Brent Turner
    Brent Turner says:

    Like you, Bobby, I know the market will come back, and I know that people are frustrated, and it's coming out in a bad way for some people. Just wanna say I TOTALLY agree that with you that there is no need to spread negativism. I'm frustrated, too, it's human nature, but all that ugly comment garbage needs to go. And, you are soooo right about those folks being the exact ones to come back in and buy high when the hype is greatest. I like your style, you are polite and honest, keep up the good work.

  9. John Stibal
    John Stibal says:

    As far as social media bans on crypto, I can see where banning ICO ads would be legal, but I don't think that banning
    crypto services or companies advertising products will last – assuming that's what they are doing.

  10. Black Hole-chan
    Black Hole-chan says:

    I'm of the opinion that the crypto market as it stands is dangerously overvalued, but that's no valid reason to exit completely. It WILL surpass 1 trillion in due time and the people who fucked off prematurely will be the only losers. The day that the normies flow into the market in droves will be a day of sweet, sweet ecstasy, but by then, it'll have already been too late for them.

  11. Skydiver711
    Skydiver711 says:

    They WANT your money in the stock market NOWHERE else! That's why they allowed the Cryptos to go to futures and soon to many other entities. They have complete control and as the coins get cheaper they will own them all! I'm am on the edge I have lost plenty and am near selling its a war inside my soul to give up or not.

  12. BLACK05GO1
    BLACK05GO1 says:

    CNN Money site (nothing but FUD) and other News organizations are doing the same thing to the Stock Market. CNN runs nothing but negative Stock Market stories on the CNN Money page. If you DON'T THINK there will be another Bull Run, YOU need to get OUT.

  13. joshuadeandoes stuff
    joshuadeandoes stuff says:

    people are just salty your vids are still great man thanks. I quit a 6 fig job for crypto im in it for the long haul. walking dogs part time right now on top of swing trading as best as i can. hoping for a few green months at some point this year haha. thanks again

  14. Floyd Meyer
    Floyd Meyer says:

    I got into this thing as a retired guy with a supportive wife and we as a couple decided to hodl for the long run…If we needed the money we would have pulled out but we both believe in Crypto and look forward to the next bull run and hope the positions we invested into, grow as the business we bought into, and as well grow profit from those investments…Don't want no lambo, just want to see a little profit to give us some freedom to act on our one belief from our possible gains…


    Hope you new job is working out…

  15. George Thompson
    George Thompson says:

    dude jews own the media and they also own the federal reserve. you expect these greedy bastards to stop demonizing crypto or maybe even buying off the whales?!?!?! they always play both sides. you cannot win. no one can. you can make a little money if you are smart and conservative but that's it. they are in the process of buying up the entire crypto market. how? because they print the money. they can print as many federal reserve notes (not federal and no reserves) as they want and then just buy everyone off. of course they charge that debt/death to american taxpayers. americans are more than willing to sell each other out because we have zero unity. we hate each other. fiat currency has become god and you cannot have a civilized country when morality has been discarded so ppl can buy more crap that they don't need and that will never satisfy them anyway. in short we did it to ourselves. this is how america dies. no european "civilization" ever lasts more than a few hundred years because there is never any moral code other than war and profit.

  16. kevin vt
    kevin vt says:

    No, I think people like me got it when January people were making money hand over foot and all the hype utuber's were saying this and that coin "to the moon" spent a lot of fiat on hyped pump & dump's but nothing happened. Most of us grabbed for the golden ring and fell off the horse. You have to give people something to keep them interested or they move on.

  17. Sara Bell
    Sara Bell says:

    Bobby … I bought into the alt coins in January 2018 …. Same as you. Luckily I'd bought into ltc, BTC and eth in August, September 2017. I lost big on the ALTs but wasn't put off and learnt from it and now I'm renting in on ALTs like Ada and bought ONT 3 days ago and then took profits yesterday. I'm so happy I bought bad in January as I've used the last 3 months to learn and invest wisely this time … Love your show and good luck in your new job ☺️

  18. Hogdude1234
    Hogdude1234 says:

    My thoughts are that there were a ton of folks that jumped in feet first into crypto that had no experience with any type of experience trading, buying stocks, etc. What’s worse is they all jumped in at the top or really close to the top. I have a lot of friends that have exited the market after saying HODL HODL HODL. Well, three months later, they are out.

  19. Alex C
    Alex C says:

    Hey Bobby, I am from Canada and our big banks have banned crypto transaction both credit and debit… I did not believe it but I went to make a purchase yesterday using QuadrigaCX and it would not let me. How is this possible? they are literally locking people out of the market….. if Crypto is not a threat and not on the governments radar… why would they lock us out of the market like this…

  20. D Wick
    D Wick says:

    Booby obviously we don't know each other, me the old man in the space + 60 got into the space in 2011. This is your best video to date. What Im hearing is a heart felt opinion, the same as I do when Im on the soap box. Keep up the great content, peace brother.

  21. Paul Lacroix
    Paul Lacroix says:

    I look at it as the longer this bear market is the more time I have to throw money into it bc I don't have a shot ton of money so I put in 500 here and there so it's just moreno can out in b4 the next bull run


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