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  1. Anonymouse 1
    Anonymouse 1 says:

    DataDash, brother! Dash came up and fell back … any idea on buying in prices for DASH? and Bitcoin falling slowly and some people predict big lows again … every day every minute is a surpise in Cryptospace !

  2. renzo 22
    renzo 22 says:

    Mate, what do you think about what happened with Veritaseum? Yesterday (sunday) it dropped about 45%, from around 220 to 123 usd, i was about to get involved but didn´t feel good about the fact that somebody with a good cake could move the price so easily. Thats still my big issue with this world of crypto´s which im getting involved a bit more day by day. Anybody with a nice amount of money can move the market without a problem…


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