Rhett Creighton, the founder of ZClassic and Bitcoin Private, was just kicked off the Bitcoin Private GitHub and team, after announcing interest in forking yet another coin, PrimeCoin. Shockingly (/s) the price of PrimeCoin has jumped 180% since Rhett announced he will be working to fork PrimeCoin into Bitcoin Prime. Let’s talk about the ethics behind this, is it tradeable and will you get dumped on for it?

Jackson Palmer’s tweet thread on the ethics of Rhett Creighton:

Article on previous behaviors:

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  1. Brendan Stark
    Brendan Stark says:

    Subd your channel because of this video. Excellent work.
    Unethical is absolutely right, particularly blatant after so many coins abandoned by him.
    We appreciate you speaking out. Lots of noobs will turn to YouTube looking for information on coins they want to buy; they would benefit from a title which leads them to this video; maybe something like: "Bitcoin Prime Fork: what to expect"
    Thanks for your work

  2. KryptiCrooks
    KryptiCrooks says:

    Yo Rob! I'm doing an animation series based on Crypto, and turning influencers into animated characters. (Currently doing an episode with CryptoCandor). Let's collaborate. You got a good sense of humor, and I'd love to give you some input on an episode/turn you into a character. Let's chat on twitter @krypticrooks

  3. DG
    DG says:

    Hey,Bobby. 100% agree with your thoughts. We need to show credibility,ethics and morality in the community otherwise we will not be taken seriously,which will jeopardise success. Every time someone is burnt from scammers or cons it adds more negativity, the community doesn’t need this….keep up the good work

  4. Steinke
    Steinke says:

    Suppose you could rob a bank with the guarantee that there will be no repercussions (to you), you’ll just get a lot of money. Would you decline on account of it’s not the ethical thing to do? I completely agree something isn’t right here. If it’s not illegal, it should be. But if it’s legal, it’s hard for me to imagine most people wouldn’t be tempted to do the same in his shoes. If you could set into motion a causal chain that results in you acquiring a shit ton of money, it’s a helluva guy or gal that refrains because it’s not right (according to your statements, Bobby, this sound like you, since you could pay a guy…), or too easy. While it doesn’t reflect well on the guy’s character, I guess I fault the game more than the player. Absent regulations to stop this, power to him. Sure makes me look stupid for working for my money.

  5. rhadiem
    rhadiem says:

    Good video, with very legitimate concerns. I'm a fan of BTCP, but not of Rhett. Glad for the separation. BTCP is legit, but certainly needs to prove itself, which I think it will.

  6. ercrypto 74
    ercrypto 74 says:

    This kind of money grab unfortunately is and will be with us until regulations come around. That is human nature and people with some sort of power/voice will use it to their advantage. Thanks for the video and hope this type of scams are at the very least singled out by the community to prevent people from being scammed.

  7. Chris P
    Chris P says:

    The truth was said in the beginning . Anything called Bitcoin ** that's not Bitcoin then its a money grabbing scam. People will come to that realization soon enough.

  8. Kanglar
    Kanglar says:

    I can't find anywhere where someone from the BTCP team said Rhett was fired for tweeting about XPM. The only official reasons I heard was he was frustrated with not being listed on a major exchange, was hard too get a hold of, and didn't contribute much anyways. If that's the case I say good riddance. For some reason the crypto community is the worst for operating on hearsay and never giving anyone the benefit of the doubt when they don't know the whole story and just assume everything.


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