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  1. NymphiX
    NymphiX says:

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  2. GIARDINI - Ozkan
    GIARDINI - Ozkan says:

    Hi Suppoman,
    In the past you told me i can start my own crypto currency in waves.
    In the begining of course you said x altcoin made an aggrement with MineCraft game and that increased their values.
    Now am i seeing the oppurtinity right here ?
    If i open my own currency and make this type of deal example Strava sport application will accept my crypto currency for all their members internall app shoppings.and if i have bought milion dollar of my currency that type of afreemenet can make me billionaire?

  3. John Dillon
    John Dillon says:

    The best indicator is Suppoman – If you go on holiday or take a break from your daily routine then bitcoin plummets! Its true! Bitcoin price is correlated to Suppoman holidays!

  4. Angie Alphabet
    Angie Alphabet says:

    Best of luck with the new Udemy course. Looking forward to checking it out. Will miss your vids in the meantime. You're like a dapper drill sergeant talking about crypto, its hilarious.. PS: There's a fake account with 0 subscribers posing as you in the comments below. Might want to delete that post before some poor bastard actually does send money.. 🙂

  5. Jason McKenna
    Jason McKenna says:

    Dude… yer hilariously refreshing. lol Totally dig yer personality and enjoy watching your posts. Thanks for these btw… lots of great, honest info. Keep doing it your way and don't change a damn thing.


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