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  1. Diginess Unknown
    Diginess Unknown says:

    I think that the rewards structure from what I read in the white paper might need to be revisited. For instance, it may be enough to offer storage space and bandwidth in return for remote storage/bandwidth in order to have credit. Their reward structure seems to require more than that.

  2. Eduardo Carvalho
    Eduardo Carvalho says:

    How did I miss this one?? I really think decentralized storage is our big weapon against google, amazon, apple, microsoft and facebook. IMHO decentralized storage is the most underrated thing in crypto.

  3. cee bee
    cee bee says:

    Hi Nick, interesting thoughts on D.Tube and how they utilize IPFS to distribute content. I have two main issues with D.Tube – the fact that there is no incentive to run an IPFS node and the fact that videos are only monetized for 7 days. I've spent a considerable amount of time during the past year researching decentralized video platforms and the one I've found that ticks all the boxes is Flixxo.

    95% of internet video is paid for by advertising revenue, including the majority of YouTubes overheads, bandwidth, and storage costs. It's a fact that for a sustainable business model a video platform either needs to operate on an advertising(Youtube) or subscription(Netflix) based model. Flixxo shares 90% of advertising revenue with content creators, compared with 55% shared by Youtube. Flixxo can afford to share a larger portion of their advertising revenue because they utilize Bittorrent protocol to distribute their content. Here's a direct quote from D.Tubes website about where the money comes from; 'The STEEM blockchain keeps printing new STEEM everyday. These new printed STEEM are given out as rewards' – Printing money? That's sustainable.. right?

    Flixxo is based around a circular economy that incentivizes all aspects of the network, including seeding. Advertisers buy Flixx to purchase advertising time, users watch advertising to receive Flixx, content creators receive Flixx when users watch their videos, content creators share a portion of their income with the users seeding their video, content creators sell Flixx to advertisers and the circular economy continues. This is a proven business model used by the majority of internet video platforms and now it's become decentralized PROPERLY.

    If you'd like an invite to Flixxos Beta or have further questions – feel free to reply below or flick me a PM.

  4. Matthew Jimenez
    Matthew Jimenez says:

    so I think Tron TRX is a awesome idea for decentralized web. SO WHY IS IT NOT HYPED? WHY IS IT SEEM SUPER IGNORED? NOT WORKING? IS IT A SCAM?…. I am no tech nerd, so idk about codes or what ever, but I want to make it a point that I am willing to change my opinion, but I only find people talking good about it (probably people trying to make money) but why is it not the one data dash shares, why do major you tubers not really talk about it ? (or that I haven't found them)….. I am I just falling victim to a scam or gimmick, or just… whats going on…..? because this video shows something succeeding I what I that TRON was supposed to be doing….but why isn't it? is this better? why? I just want to know whats up… I'm not bias…I just don't know… can ANYONE tell me SOMETHING??? Im not talking about money or trading… I am just concerned about if trx is fake or a great idea and is there things better at the job , or what, no talk about trading or investing.

  5. Milorad Radovanovic
    Milorad Radovanovic says:

    Hi Nick you making a geat videos.For example hay you dont make review of nebilo.?a. They have a very low circulating supply and they have huge potencial and they also have their own chainblock solution.They have own web wallet,Orion,where you can easy craeate your own token.They are realy frienldy.Try it

  6. Davinho9_ A
    Davinho9_ A says:

    Nick, are you OK? This is not Enigma. Jokes aside, great informative video. I've been a fan of you from day 1, you've taught me a lot over the past year about the TA side of things. Never change who you are and keep doing what you're doing.

  7. Oko YT
    Oko YT says:

    Aegeus coin (cryptocurrency) is using IPFS technology, they have a great team behind them, low down on the radar, node rewards dropping to 10/10 1st sep, watch it climb the ranks.

  8. Tomas Av.
    Tomas Av. says:

    What if someone posting your porno video?? How decentralization is good? How can you, owner of you fucking can get that private video removed? Not everything needs decentralization. Also google servers is decentralized. Owned by single company yes, but ffiles stored on many servers many copies, many backup servers.

  9. Creed
    Creed says:

    Ask far as storage in the crypto world is concerned I think there is an interesting up and coming project you should look at. The product is already on beta and soon to be released. The platform is secure online cloud storage with the ability to buy and sell files. Look into XGS. Its a coin with a use case and passive income. Its brand new it just started trading in June. The best way to experience the coin is to join the growing community on telegram or discord. Now is a great time to buy considering the coin is at an all time low in satoshi. Give it a look!

  10. gingerjames
    gingerjames says:

    nick, a long time ago you spoke about making a video on the td_sequential. It sparked my interest and I learned to trade it and its been great. Currently btc daily has good example of td reversals both bullish and bearish. I understand you are busy but I feel this is good timing for a video on it. keep on keeping on

  11. Go Crypto
    Go Crypto says:

    I've been keeping an eye on IPFS… If we can work out how to monetize (tokenise?) this system it could really get some legs. Thanks for the update Nick. Oh – so when are you moving to D-Tube?? 😉

  12. m m
    m m says:

    Nick ..Hi there….Traders of Futures has a channel on utube for the last 7 years and in May he had his identity stolen …someone through AT and T got his phone number or something like that and through google was able to reset his channel and deleted all his content and all the links he had to have trafic flowing in..this basically broke his business and he is now starting from scratch…he had a revenue I reckon of US 10,000 a month because he was trying to settle for uS500,000 with the phone company and they only offered 20,000..he mentioned that would cover 2 months of his living expenses..seems to have large morgage on house ect..did not back up his videos..and utube cannot find his videos….so this video of yours goes to the heart of the problem with an example that I just gave you…may Dtube or IPFS could work as a second layer on Substratum..I am not very techie so dont understand much in that field..Regards.


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