HOW NOT TO LOSE MONEY IN BITCOIN & ALTCOINS AGAIN! (Essential) #bitcoin #altcoins #cryptocurrency


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  1. Sabbir Walli
    Sabbir Walli says:

    The Best shitcoin on the market at present in terms of mining returns, not necesarily trading, is probably Vollar (V-Dimension). Trading is decent, too stable of prices to make BIG returns lately. Will not moon again until they release stable fiat OTC and encrypted secret chat.

  2. smb12321
    smb12321 says:

    I trade daily – as much for the excitement as the profit. I shoose BCH, BTC, LtC, ETH, etc those with large fluctuations – BUT profit-taking (without regrets) is a must. I have bought and sold ETH all day, – sometimes a series of small trades ($200). hen there is the irrational plunge which gives tremendous opportunity, $1,000 $1500 / day is not a fortune but it's better than the alternative. Hardest by far: Long term investing. I am not persuaded that crypto is right for longterm investment due to the concentration with a few individuals, inside trading, wild fluctuation, movement on hype and lack of any means for determining value (profits growth, sales, consumer opinion etc)

  3. Pioneer Ventures
    Pioneer Ventures says:

    Last year you talked big times about ethos and it’s long term value. I did buy ethos now you say we are looking at old coins. What we have to do with ethos?
    I lost $10k on the ethos and quantstamp ! I would like to know what to do with ethos, it was backed by vc and in just one year has lost 127 times it’s value.

  4. Rudy Roesel
    Rudy Roesel says:

    Unfortunately I invested $3k in various Suppoman recommended Top 50 alt coins in Jan 2018. All of them have lost over 90% in value. I am currently dollar cost averaging but must wait until my alt coins return to their purchased value before I can invest into "newer" types of alt coins e,g. LTO.

  5. Dario Curia
    Dario Curia says:

    What do you think about genesis vision? has returned again to the initial prices! do you still think it's a good investment? they have recently introduced Exante! I'd like to know what you think !?

  6. Tutorman Dot Com
    Tutorman Dot Com says:

    Thanks Suppo, great video and financial advice (take profits out), but bitcoin dominance is 63% and rising, and what if that hits 80%… i think then is the time to go for another coin, like the real bitcoin (BSV… duh…), or the shitcoin Kin after they get their whack… Just thinking out aloud!

  7. Rad G Crypto
    Rad G Crypto says:

    People itsNOT too late to buy BTC for sure .. just make it soon . before July 6th 😉
    hey Suppoman, thanks for another great video.. did you hear ? BTC price in ZIMBABWE today is $ 70,000 US ! dont believe it? checkout my vlog ..consider this: THERE IS ONLY 17 Mil of BTC available now – and millions of millionaires ( and regular people) hoping to get some. do the math .

  8. CoinRadar
    CoinRadar says:

    Great content as usual. Could you look at Orionix. io? It's gaming platform ICO token sale starts in August. They have airdrops for youtubers, twitter influencers etc.

  9. Anji Kumar
    Anji Kumar says:

    I’ve been buying low and selling high my favourite few coins to increase my position and it’s been working a treat. Need a few more pumps though as they’re not doing much right now! 🙄 Really enjoyed this video Suppo x


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