Coinbase is exploring support for assets that have not launched around the world.

These new assets include: Avalanche, Celo, Chia, Coda, Dfinity, Filecoin, Handshake, Kadena, Mobilecoin, NEAR, Nervos, Oasis, Orchid, Polkadot, Solana, Spacemesh, and Telegram GRAM.

Bitcoin Bakkt Launched

#Telegram $GRAM, #Polkadot $DOT, Filecoin $FIL, #dFinity $DFN, Avalanche, Ava labs $AVA, Celo $CELO, Chia $CHIA, CHIA, Handshake $HNS, Kadena, #Mobilecoin $MBCC, Near Protocol, Nervos $CKB, Oasis labs, Orchid $OCT, Solana, Spacemesh

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27 replies
  1. Terry Higgins
    Terry Higgins says:

    What are these coins you ask? The same as all coins on CoinMarketCap from (and including) number 2 onwards… Poo coins with no reason to exist. The one at number 1 (I forget its name – I think it begins with "B") is the only one with any use-case (store of value) and real scarcity/rareness.

  2. Troy Goss
    Troy Goss says:

    Forgive me for not being excited about Coinbase "exploring" more Cryptocurrencies to list. I still see a whole lot of coins on a ridiculous watchlist right now. I still dont see the point in showing me a bunch of coins I can't trade. Why don't they figure out how to offer limit orders and stop losses. I'm sick of buying and selling at market value with high fees.

  3. Mark Samson
    Mark Samson says:

    Most of these are on not CMC. Where are they listed?

    Is Coinbase now bringing new coins to market as new sources of income, that's what it sounds like? As most of these these are all unknowns.

  4. OTT2OWN
    OTT2OWN says:

    In my opinion the people behind Coinbase (or their buddies,family,ect..) are simply holding HEAVY bags of these out there unknown shitcoins and will dump on us all if we fall for them or dump slowly and benefit massively. Think about it as the ultimate insider trading.. screw coinbase.. There's SO many better projects than these,this is a compete disgrace.. Coinbase use to be about only adding legitimate decentralized coins,now it's the dollar store of crypto!

  5. Bhaven 01
    Bhaven 01 says:

    I have lost access to my Coinbase Acct for months.
    Started with my Authenticator App that quit working. Cant be resolved. I'm locked out!

    Now they are dancing around saying they are investigating.
    I have my secret seed.
    They wont accept my license photos to re initiate the account.

    This is criminal.
    What if the market drops to zero overnight.
    Coinbase needs to get there act together.
    Holding my money for months and I cant track or move a thing.

    Takes a month to reset when and if you need to re establish. What a joke. HELP!

  6. Sunsettvu
    Sunsettvu says:

    Lots of crap to sift through for sure. I claim I saw pigs flying but can’t prove it. I suspect most of these are the same! I am sure they paid Coinbase millions to be listed. All that does is devalue coinbase!

  7. S.B.G
    S.B.G says:

    Avalanche, Coda, Dfinity, Handshake, Spacemesh, and Telegram i have known about theys project for almost a year when ever they came out i been watching them those to me are the top projects that interest me


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