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44 replies
  1. Justin Tierney
    Justin Tierney says:

    Somehow it's often omitted, purposefully or not, that Vitalik received a fellowship from Thiel to basically develop ETH instead of attending college, i.e. the Thiel Fellowship, in 2014. Thiel must appreciate the innovation that ETH represents, or at least he once did. Thiel himself likely avoids reminding people of his investment for myriad strategic reasons.

  2. J W
    J W says:

    I do not think they (SEC) will open the flood gates. As far as ICO's "taking" peoples money – it is actually the Fiat financial system that has done that (with complicit overview of the SEC). Even the current market manipulation, that hurt individuals, are by whales, large holders likely to be governed by the very same financial institutions. The SEC and US is somewhere that regulates to tell you whether you have a right to even be a "accredited" investor! and how you spend your money. No privacy / No freedom in the land of the "free".

  3. Richard Malone
    Richard Malone says:

    Peter Thiel says there are a few possible exceptions. I wonder.
    “I would be long bitcoin, and neutral to skeptical of just about everything else at this point with a few possible exceptions,” he said.

  4. Dimitri Georgoulas
    Dimitri Georgoulas says:

    love you content…my only comment, if I may…please don't say the date,especially the year in that way.."20000011118888"….it sounds cheesy…There can never be any negative comments to say about you or your content…you are simply brilliant…period!

  5. MrFatilo
    MrFatilo says:

    XMR Back to sub .017 btc? I can only hope so to stack up big time. Nothing to push it higher? Upcoming; Bulletproofs, Ledger support, PoW change, Kovri, sub addresses, multi-sig… Yea nothing going on there LOL. It's one of the most actively developing and skilled team in the crypto scene. And hey, they actually have a solid working product instead of empty promises people are investing millions in nowadays.
    Consider Dash valuation and tech compared to Monero. XMR is one of the most undervalued crypto out there.

  6. R
    R says:

    So far, if I'd just bought BTC and nothing else I would have more money and not wasted so much of my time. I'd advise anyone knew to this space just to stick with Bitcoin in the beginning.

  7. Graphic Design and Web Solutions Inc.
    Graphic Design and Web Solutions Inc. says:

    The SEC will continue until the end of time… The Government doesn't care about protecting "the little man", they will they their best to enforce as strict of regulation as they can on crypto where they can because this is a mean of wealth for those whose would otherwise not be able to get it… The governments goal it to have as big a wealth divide as possible with the majority on the low end. Because this will shrink that gap, they will do what they can to regulate the little they can


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