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  1. Brett Hill
    Brett Hill says:

    Nicholas, I'm a noob with a question. If miners are compensated with bitcoin for "lending" their CPUs for transaction verification and preventing the double spend problem, what will incentivize people to continue lending CPU power to the network once all bitcoins have been mined?

  2. 0BiRi0N
    0BiRi0N says:

    Is Aeron another perfect storm?? We be looking at a measly 5mil market cap with 12mil circulating supply. 4mil in 24hr volume 3 days running. Targeting airport industry with viable solution. Road map implementation imminent. Looky like double or triple bottom on the 3 month. Perfect storm??

  3. V for Veracity
    V for Veracity says:

    I don't know much, but I do know that when crypto reaches early majority stage and beyond, the cheapest crypto to use will be the most widely adopted. The masses aren't going to give half a fuck about how Bitcoin has such and such developers or, so and so coin has all this amazing stuff they're working on… no. Does it cost me to send it? It does? Which one is free? OK, I'm using that one.

    The ONLY thing the masses care about is cost. "Oh, gas is a penny more here than it was at that station 4 miles back? Welp, looks like I'm turning around." A guy I used to work with, while at a training out of town, drove around for an hour looking for an ATM that didn't cost him anything cause the one at the strip club cost $1.

    No average human being (almost everybody) is going to use bitcoin if it costs $20 to send it, end of story.

  4. Franz Limeta
    Franz Limeta says:

    Thanks for valuable videos @DataDash. I bet the crypto world is 10x more stimulating there in Silicon Valley.  It is really hard for me to decide whether I want to self-off at 10K. Although a correction is "technically necessary", I believe that the futures market will push our market to newer and newer all time highs long term!

  5. Shane C
    Shane C says:

    Question, Should I wait for a correction/pull back before I buy BTC. I've read alot of people saying at 10k it will likely pull back. My question being I'd like to invest in some Alt coins but need to buy BTC first. Trying to get the most bang for my buck as a new investor.

  6. Anders Tetlie
    Anders Tetlie says:

    Greetings! Im kinda new to this crypto world and found you videos to be some of the best for me to learn about both trading and investing. Good news for me that your back doing it 100% again. I have great faith in Bitcoin, but throughout the years ive learnt not just to see the good signs, but also attention to whats moving on the other side of the fence. what are the dangers surrounding bitcoin these days, that challenges may we face at 10000? you mentioned that it might become subject to more shorting and maybe face a declined/correction and land around 5K. More info around this would be nice 🙂

  7. Kush
    Kush says:

    What will happen to substratum if china bans their website I was wondering this wouldn't that just kill the whole purpose of it or am I not understanding substratum right.

  8. Josh Morton
    Josh Morton says:

    Is this not the perfect time to swing into hugely discounted/undervalued assets we have been eyeing? Thinking of dumping a bunch into NEBL. Would love to know your thoughts on this idea in general. (Not necessarily NEBL, but not against that of course). Don't want to be accused of "shilling"…but, value is value for those in the know. Would love to hear anybody's thoughts. This is one of my favorite community's. Also, what about newly released assets that have great tech, marketing and a plan etc…like Grid+? Would love to hear your thoughts on Grid+. #longtermtrading

  9. MH
    MH says:

    Hey my dude, can you make a video or maybe explain how to make your bitcoins/altcoins into physical cash??

    My understanding is that you need a bank account to transfer your funds to make it legit. I imagine if you are transfering large sums of bitcoin, there will be high fees or tax. Can you explain if this is the only way or are there alternatives?

    Im just starting out in crytpocurrencies.

    (I did a quick search of your vids but couldnt find any related videos on this)

  10. D K
    D K says:

    Hey, Nick. Love your videos. Invested in a lot of coins you recommended. 27 percent return since November 20th. You saved me from being a day trader. Thank you man. And also, you should name your next video "At the end of the day"

  11. Cristina Mallari
    Cristina Mallari says:

    Hey Nick, if the dreaded correction on bitcoin price happens, will it affect our chaingroup investments? even if they are in dollars? what shall i do with my chain group investments when that happens? i also plan to invest in yota and hexabot…have the same question for those investments….thank you for your insights…

  12. Rob Hutchins
    Rob Hutchins says:

    Do you think the moment that the correction in Bitcoin happens that it'll go into Bitcoin cash? Or do you think that Bitcoin cash will just mirror Bitcoin until the correction happens?

  13. Sheet Music Desu
    Sheet Music Desu says:

    Here are the facts:
    -Every time some major financial hotshot talks shit about bitcoin – bitcoin price rises
    -Similarly, every time the mainstream media news tries to dissuade people from bitcoin, people give a giant fuck you and pumped cryptocurrencies to an exponential level.

    Therefore, do the opposite of whatever these people are telling you to do, it usually works out way better ;3

  14. shikhar agarwal
    shikhar agarwal says:

    Hi, I have recently started buying altcoins and I want to hold it. Can I buy ripple and omiseGo from binance directly from fiat? Or do I need to buy bitcoin from coinbase then exchange it? If I can buy directly from binance, does binance provide wallets like coinbase? I have been researching on this questions, but could not find any satisfying answer. I really appreciate your advice and would like to get suggestion from you. Thanks a lot in advance

  15. Crypto Lex
    Crypto Lex says:

    Hey Nick, I would love to hear your general opinion and strategy on how to "safely" switch over to a USD position for a certain period if you expect a bearish market to come in. At what platforms would you personally call USD to be safe? I can do so on Bitfinex and some other platforms – but is there a risk of those USD not being "safe" as some of the money isn't backed up properly? Your opinion on that would be substantially valuable – thanks! :-))


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