Support the stream: Crypto has taken a dive today, so let’s talk about! Grab a beer whiskey, water or coffee and let’s chill and have a good time talking crypto, because your portfolio sure isn’t having a good time today!

Hey, it’s 5pm somewhere in the crypto world right?

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  1. Fiko 33
    Fiko 33 says:

    Thinks for your video good work men ! i think you should take a look to other undervaluad crypto like DeepOnion (Onion) it' an anonymous and 100% untraceable cryptocurrency sent through the TOR network. It cost now on CoinMarketCap about (1.69$) it's an interesting cryptocurrency nowdays with big community and professionel dev team who doing a hard daily work to develop it and take it to the top.I hope you take a look to our coin for more info visit (

  2. Abdul Moiz Khalid
    Abdul Moiz Khalid says:

    With increased risk in Bitcoin investment ,it will be a bad move to invest in it , Better to invest in some altcoins specially the anon coin like zcash etc
    Personally , I have invested in Deep Onion , In my opinion it has real potential
    You should check it out , Especially its features like Deep Send , Deep Vault etc
    Its also has a solid Community and Devs .

  3. Chriss Biggs
    Chriss Biggs says:

    Crypto Bobby good video as always! Now it seems that many Altcoins will crash the price and only the strongest one's will stand still and untouchable. The best chose right now would be DeepOnion cryptocurrency as it has been at the same Sats price when BTC whent up or down no matter what it stays at that level. I suggest for you to take a look and maybe you can make a review on it ? 😉

  4. Carolyn Duhart
    Carolyn Duhart says:

    Crypto Bobby as always with the best Crypto videos ! Have you interested in any new Privacy Coins?
    The DeepOnion cryptocurrency is a next big Privacy Coin as they have all the best features + they have all transactions done trough TOR network so it can't traceable to anyone 🙂

  5. GGZII
    GGZII says:

    Money stuck in coinbase, can't sell, lose money. Want to sell again, site down, now firmly in a dip. Missed 2 chances to make cash. It sucks because I can't use GDAX because they don't let you take cash out into a UK Bank

  6. James Barrett
    James Barrett says:

    I like your Videos Crypto Bobby very good work! I suggest for you to take a look at DeepOnion cryptocurrency it's currently very low priced and it has all the chance to grow very high as it's an Privacy Coin.It's have all the Transactions and Connections done trough the TOR network and soon they will release a feature called DeepSend that will make it a lot more private then Monero 🙂

  7. Shaun Basson
    Shaun Basson says:

    Lol! I can only laugh at people like poor Tommy boy. As big of a looser and alcoholic you are (according to Tommy) yet he still watches your show and waste his time on a "looser"??? Sometimes I can't help to wonder does these people even look at themselves and think a oubout what they say before they say stupid things like this??? Anyway bro, you do what you like and enjoy your life. There will always be some "shit" (Tommy) in our drinking water…

  8. Moje Fotky
    Moje Fotky says:

    I am a normal guy – small trader, doing it just for fun. But yes, it makes me some nice money. And yesterday I have lost a lot of opportunities how to make some. Thank you GDAX!

  9. Ruben van Schalm
    Ruben van Schalm says:

    What if they don't, sample they can't handle this type of traffic is there know way to have direct access to the blockchain to sell your BTC with out them. I don't like it that I was not able to access my BTC to buy or to sell.


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