The entire cryptocurrency market is DOWN big, between 25-55% pretty much across the board. There is no safe space in crypto right now and the charts are looking pretty bloody, so how should you approach it? Time to panic sell and get out, or hodl strong and buy the dips?

I’ll talk about where my head is at and how you can stay sane in this volatile time!

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  1. edwardpowellmusic
    edwardpowellmusic says:

    Hi Booby, love your vids. I have an opinion about Charlie Less pulling out. I think it is more than obvious that crypto THREATENS the BANKSTERS (who can create as much money as they like from AIR) so there is no doubt that the BANKSTERS are "up to something" with regard to trying to kill/damage BTC (crypto). I have watched this meteoric price rise and it is clear that this is not money from ordinary people – this must be BANKSTER money…. now we have the crash which, again, is obviously the banksters pulling out to try to create a panic. In my mind I would strongly guess that the BANKSTERS have been sitting tight waiting for a perfect moment to do this pullout—- and when Charlie Lee made his announcement, they all said YES THIS IS THE MOMENT because it will look like Charlie Lee is corrupt. IT MAKES CRYPTO LOOK EVEN WORSE! So in a nutshell, I feel certain that the BANKSTERS are taking advantage of Lee's sell-out announcement. Hey, it's a bloody WAR out there!

  2. Chronic Yeh
    Chronic Yeh says:

    reminds us of when silver went to abt 50 (2011) and then dropped..if you bought on the momentum over 16 u r still hoping for a recovery… some sold at a loss on the way down….if crypto fails then likely silver and gold go back to new highs as traders look for that safe haven ( grail )….

  3. Zac Crow
    Zac Crow says:

    How you should approach this?…stop buying bitcoin and making the bubble worse.

    Bitcoin has no fundamental reason it should even be above a few thousand right now.

    Invest in a house with poor foundation….see what kind of problems you run into…

    Now imagine that house is a multi billion dollar house with little to no entry barrier any longer.

    Back when crypto wasn't so mainstream you had to be careful or else… now it's too easy which economics has proven is a bad thing for over all health.

    I remember buying bitcoins on LBC 😂

  4. Vern H
    Vern H says:

    we can all thank the U.S. IRS for this, after they ruled (their slaves) cryptos will be taxed as property, whether any profits were taken out or not. I wonder how they will tax this drop?

  5. Sean R
    Sean R says:

    Tried to buy the dip but coinbase wasnt working! Couldnt do a purchase from my bank accountSent a bank deposit a week ago that was taken out of my bank 4 days ago, but didnt get into my account yet…Cost me a few thousand again. Nothing but problems with coinbase since the explosion.Im switching platforms

  6. Kev Tee
    Kev Tee says:

    Erm… I sold all my crypto just before the dip. Why? Well a) I bought myself a new car b) I figured the whole ecosystem had seen such an injection of new money in the past month that something had to break soon. People need to pay their bills AND have Xmas! Kinda sent alarm bells to me that I should follow "Buy Low/Sell High" I sold high. Now just waiting to see if there'll be a further drop or not but I'm on standby to 'BUY LOW' again. "Speed Kills. So does Greed." Good luck and Merry Xmas to all! 🙂


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