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In this video, Mattie talks about the cryptocurrency retracement we are seeing right now. He also gives you the latest from Galaxy digital and Novogratz. This is a daily segment!
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Galaxy Digital Moves to Tokenize the Whole of Real Estate

Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Hires Former Goldman Banker Taylor

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Crypto Carnage: Market Loses Staggering $26 Billion in 24 Hours, Where to Next?

Where’s the Fire? Bitcoin and Major Cryptocurrencies Take Massive Beating

A crypto financial crisis is happening, says Coinshare’s Demirors


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39 replies
  1. Cryptom
    Cryptom says:

    It is hard on many investors, but they are going to be back when the price starts growing.
    That's why I am looking into Crypto-Gaming Industrie. 
    You know there is a Project which is going to release crypto-store for gamers in this month?
    It is based on POS coin if you would like to know (OPC).


    Things are looking amazing, I'm so happy. I don't care about anything bitcoin so perfect time to buy a better, much cheaper coin for less. Weeding out all the xrp trolls, lies and fake news buy the bitcoin community and just straight out propaganda. Everything will come to fruition and the winning horse doesn't rhyme with slit or have a bit to do with rediculous mining

  3. IEI Jeff
    IEI Jeff says:

    Novogratz continues to make forward thinking moves. Novogratz is also a lead advisor for Airswap which has a plethora of Goldman ties as well. AST will be the exchange used by major investors/institutions as well as real estate in the not so distant future.

  4. FJ5O
    FJ5O says:

    There is no rhyme or reason for pricing analysis for cryptocurrency and there certainly is no reason to try any sort of technical analysis. The hype from the general public is over and will never see a run up like we had in 2017 again.

  5. Mic Jolly
    Mic Jolly says:

    How am I dealing with this?
    1. Beat my dog
    2. Pulled out my hair and teeth
    3. Played Russian Roulette with 3 in the cylinder.
    4. Divorced my wife and joined a cult.
    But seriously, I sold some altcoins and bought BTC during this sale. Now just Hodling until this blows over. Should have put a stop loss at $6300, but, next time.

  6. x Midge
    x Midge says:

    i fucking hate BCH and Craig Wright is a DOUCHE for tweeting that he has over 51% hashpower giving all the control to a couple people at the top. The REAL satoshi would never approve of his bullshit.

  7. Matthew Purdy
    Matthew Purdy says:

    Anyone saying oh no crypto is done. It's far from done. Anyone who had any sense yesterday would of reloaded in the sell off. When half panic and sell the other half think fast and buy. Bitcoin has been going this way for a while.

  8. RigoRocks23
    RigoRocks23 says:

    The final weak hand shakeout has begun.that weekly chart looks amazing in logview compared to 2014-2015. It would be crazy not to be buying these dips and hodl for longterm.btc to 4800 please! Waiting to get daily rsi divergence on the daily chart for btc

  9. Winter Referees
    Winter Referees says:

    when do sell matte? full disclosure required u cannot just tell people you’re buying on the down otherwise it appears you’re implying people should just keep putting hard earned fiat into a losing proposition. step up now

  10. Marshaa Brady
    Marshaa Brady says:

    There’s just not enough buying volume. On top of that, things are more automated now-more ai and bots being used in trading. If you look at the BTCShorts chart, the RSI hit 20, most bots are programmed to short sell or buy at 20 RSI, if there is no buying power, then these huge drops can occur, coupled with people’s stop losses kicking in, and people just dumping to keep market sentiment down


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