In this video we talk about the crypto market and the projects inside the crypto market developing Web 3.0 technologies for the Next Generation of Digital economy. The Digital economy will include blockchain and the smart grid. The integration with IOT, Voice Automation and the potential 5G Network upgrade bring about some interesting opportunities for projects innovating and creating in the blockchain space.

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  1. Jeff Letourneau
    Jeff Letourneau says:

    I'm a huge fan of the Waves platform it has everything you said they're working on the web 3.0 they have a product they do what they say they're going to do, they always hit their target dates. They have the tack and the product they walk the walk and they talk to talk

  2. Bitcoin Rednecks
    Bitcoin Rednecks says:

    Always a fan of Jeff's videos! Cool dude! 😎 And I agree, we should be asking, "are we innovating"? We should be doing something that differentiates the crypto space.✌ And I appreciate not faking the funk, respect! ✊ haha

  3. Lynda Smythe
    Lynda Smythe says:

    Interesting argument but I dont’ think you’re there yet. This isn’t about “fast currencies” because other than BTC, no one (institutional) is going to invest in “fast cash”. The institutional money is coming for the business value these companies are creating. Vechain, Thor, Stellar…they are already proving a value proposition as opposed to just the speed of their currently. You can see it’s already happening…no one is going to by IOTA for the coin (who cares?) they will buy it for what it can do. That’s where I thought you were headed but like everyone else, you’re still “stuck on the coins.” Time for everyone to start thinking of these things like stock…

  4. Armel Rodriguez
    Armel Rodriguez says:

    What’s your opinion on BAT? I am using the Brave browser right now and it works like a champ. It’s currently trading on coinbase round the 30 cent range. Is this the next Alt coin to reach remarkable ATH?


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  6. Mynameis5107
    Mynameis5107 says:

    Hi Jeff nice to see you again 👌don’t sell your shit coins for bitcoin now cos when bitcoin 10x shitcoins will 50x I think 🤔 and some super shitcoins will 100x that’s the sad truth about this stupid market…

  7. Simply Human
    Simply Human says:

    Socialism is open source software ( Linix, Blender, ), every staduim subsidized by local citizens, your national park system, your water, sewer, police, fire, schools, Social Security, VA, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. The propaganda network has done well to soil the concept of a fair and just society.


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