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  1. Alex Mollo
    Alex Mollo says:

    You are interested in cryptocurrencies and you look for where to invest? TokenGo – the platform with unique approach and the relevant ideas. There is a ready site for investors in case of the organization of own ICO. I think the company will find the niche on a blockchain market.

  2. Alberto Harres Rocha
    Alberto Harres Rocha says:

    Fuck, I thought I would watch something new, everyone can see there's people behind this, just like in BTC too, the difference is that asians spotted the problem of BTC scalability and decided to move to BCH before everyone, and they will move all thogether looking for a huge profit. That's no conspiracy, that's just trying to be really fucking rich.

  3. JonoGreene
    JonoGreene says:

    Initially a pump and dump, however in the long run I think it is definitely possible.
    China Ban trading on chinese exchanges.
    Jihan only accepts BCH for bitmain miners.
    Rumours of China banning bitcoing mining but not banning BCH (China Coin).
    After that, I think it is pretty obvious what will happen.

  4. Richard Todia
    Richard Todia says:

    BTC was designed (originally) for participants in the network to act in their own self interest = no need to "do good" (i.e as "doing good" is traditionally defined). BTC's design allows for "selfish" people. THE CRAZIEST THING ABOUT THE TECH… is that it's not dependent on great coders. The real "tech" of BTC is its design… its structure… with incentives that took into account the prisoners dilemma.. and more… that provided security BECAUSE people were acting in their own self interests. BTC is currently under attack as this original structure is being done away with (i.e. Lightening Network and off chain transactions will throw off the equilibrium). THAT is why major players are battling BTC with BCH (major players who truly care about "doing good"). I will hold my BTC because it IS the establishment's crypto now and so it probably will continue to rise. HUGE institutional money went into BTC as it was going down the other night in order to stop the fall and maintain it's dominance over BCH. They must maintain the gap. They must control the price. And they have the resources to do it. Sooooo, it will probably win the battles and the war, BUT it is not the better coin… the people's coin. And because profits will motivate most, we will keep our money in the BTC/segwit/lightening coin, over the revolutionary coin, even when we know the truth. Terrible, but true. Don't know if the elite will eventually kill BTC, or embrace it… probably embrace it… if they can control it (as they will be able to with lightening) because then, in the end, when people talk about this revolution… the masses will think they already know what happened = it happened and BTC (segwit) was it. They will never know what could have been.


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