Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies saw a sudden retracement last night which Mattie will talk about today. He will also give you the latest from Stellar and their partnership with Wires as well as Bitfinex being sued by the NY AG. Nike is also launching Cryptokicks and Cardano is starting to look better price wise.
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#Cardano ADA Price Analysis, Are the Bulls Back?

Breaking: #Tether, Bitfinex Sued By New York Authorities, Bitcoin Doesn’t Budge (Yet)


#Nike Getting Ready for its Own Crypto

Wirex Has Chosen Stellar over Ethereum

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  1. Simply Human
    Simply Human says:

    How did US NY AG find out about $850M loss without doing an audit, which has not happened. I suspect NY AG is trying to manipulate price of BTC so wall street can get a discount.

  2. bimi397
    bimi397 says:

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  3. Don Mon
    Don Mon says:

    Did you know that DGB is THE FASTEST UTXO blockchain out there? 15 seconds for a block – can you beat that? How come you never share these facts with you subscribers????


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