ALTCOINS FINALLY SPIKING HARD – HOW HIGH WILL IT GO??! #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #bullmarket

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  1. palaspas
    palaspas says:

    In 2009, the first Bitcoin units were mined on computers.

    10 years later, 2019, the first Pi units are being mined on phones.

    50,000 active users already within 12 weeks.

    1st halving was at 1,000, 2nd halving was at 10,000, 3rd halving in a few days at 100,000

    App Store and Play Store ‘Pi network’

    Referral code: palaspas

    Project created by people at Stanford, 100% free, currently in beta stages

  2. MMA goat
    MMA goat says:

    I expect Lition to do well when alts take off, its marketcap is only 2million and they have a partnership with software giant SAP, whose CTO co-wrote the whitepaper, the Lition CEO has also spoken in front of German parliament and they are looking to build an STO platform on top of Lition so when the STO boom hits Lition will be in a prime spot

  3. Bunder NEX
    Bunder NEX says:

    What do you talk about Nash… pfff you missed the ICO 😉
    many projects deliver a half-finished project … Nash is waiting for a total project, wait for launch and you will see suppo.
    Are you still happy with your Ethos username ?? I still have not received a small 'thank you'

  4. bai ren
    bai ren says:

    Thanks for keeping the faith in regards to Alt coin revival suppo when most other crypto youtubers were saying alts were dead and urging people to move all in to BTC – the reality is that alt season follows a BTC spike just as day follows night.


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