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In this video, Mattie talks about potential reasons for the bitcoin retracement. This is a daily segment!
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27 replies
  1. Cryptom
    Cryptom says:

    It is diving 🙁 
    That's why it is a good time to prepare low market-cap project for a great gain! 
    There are projects like OPC where there will be a digital-store and streaming ecosystem for gamers and nobody knows about it yet.
    Great Gains to come in the Future!

  2. Nick Morphew
    Nick Morphew says:

    Don't try to explain it. Just as 1% will time the rapid bull in the future plus or minus a month, we are all pretty clueless as to the whens and whys if these recent drop offs. I look to the best tech and applications to see the true value of these coins and keep buying as appropriate.

  3. Darryl Strawberry
    Darryl Strawberry says:

    Well rides over fellas. Been saying this for months. Predicted $4k btc in January when all these joy boys were calling moon btc 100K!! Lol what a joke. Btc first target now $3k and next target $1k. The crypto market will collapse completely!!! Miners already bailing out in masses. It’s over folks. Party is over!!

  4. Jeff x
    Jeff x says:

    Where will crypto be in 3 years? At least 30k is an extremely conservative guess. With all of the foundations being built I highly doubt this will go away. All of these people who believe it will go to zero are completely ignorant. People make riches when people are scared. All of the smart investors are buying it up now. If you dont want a piece of the action just get out dorks!!

  5. FJ5O
    FJ5O says:

    This will be an endless bottom till practically zero is left. The key to this gamble is timing the short upswings and cashing out in-between, like we saw with OST and XRP recently. Just be careful how much you gamble before this casino closes down.


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