The cryptocurrency market is getting hammered, dropping over $20 BILLION in market cap. Is now the time to buy the dip, or should you be selling like crazy?

Let’s talk about it today

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  1. Carleton Scully
    Carleton Scully says:

    Business as usual. Market makers start the selloff to shake out the people who are "playing" the market. At the bottom, the stocks will move into "stronger hands" and the weaker players will no longer muddy the waters with speculation and shady dealing.If you are an INVESTOR ,with liquidity, you will be welcomed into the game. If you are a dabbler stay out.

  2. Sil Paglie
    Sil Paglie says:

    Hi Bobby , which tradeing plataform do you recomend, I'm new to this, I'm on Coinbase, but they are taking a long time to connect with my bank, they also only trade 3 coins
    thank ytou

  3. 0bserver
    0bserver says:

    Not a good time to buy, wait for it to dip back below 2000, buckle up here comes a bear market. China just axed crypto and if other countries do the same, it could get ugly.

  4. Jerry P.
    Jerry P. says:

    Did all of you miss the Chinese Government's announcement ? There will be a BIG sell off as some will take advantage of this later. Best sit tight a week or so.

  5. Christopher Staples
    Christopher Staples says:

    BTC will go below $500 again 1 coin only costs $370 to mine at industrial scale @ 3 cents / kw average home user pays 8 cents / kw = $967 per mined coin prices work out @ current difficulty / hash rates @ 13 THS ~12mw

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    Dice King says:

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  7. 6970rynyoung
    6970rynyoung says:

    Welcome to HELL. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency IS the Data……Hackers want data. John McAfee explains how hackers can own all your Bitcoin in 30 seconds. Best of all, the anonymity of the transaction means theft is untraceable. See video: "Pandora's box has been opened" (Crypto currency security)

  8. Gabor Szell
    Gabor Szell says:

    Why do you think its a big selloff from 5000 to 4100?
    Before it went from 2900 to 1881 and then in 1,5months bull run, with little-to-no correction from 1881 to 5k.
    It can easily go to 2500. Easily. It will probably not go below 2k
    And do not buy until u see a breakout from the downtrend.
    Right now its a downtrend.


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