THE RISE & FALL OF ETHOS! 📉CAN IT RETURN TO GAINS? 😱 #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #bullmarket

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24 replies
  1. XRPacific
    XRPacific says:

    I will "study" more on Ethos, I currently use Ellipal Cold Wallet, it is an amazing Wallet and user interface. The Ellipal app gives people access to the Binance Dex, using BnB for the DeX trades.

  2. Steve Chevalier
    Steve Chevalier says:

    Something else. I saw that you offer a number of different training programs and was hoping you could give your opinion on which one would be better for a relatively new crypto investor who knows: A) Very little about the industry, how blockchain works and what exactly it does to enhance business productivity and profitability. B) How to use the basic buy and sell market, limit and stop limit orders and C) Trades primarily on Binance, Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. I appreciate the reasonable prices and will probably end up purchasing all of your training videos but thought if you could get me started in the right direction it would probably help me out immensely. So and advice on that would be awesome. Ok? Have a good one Superman.

  3. Steve Chevalier
    Steve Chevalier says:

    Fantastic piece. I really enjoy and appreciate your knowledge and work. I hold a few thousand ethos slightly above the current price and intend to hold on to them, just in case they get their shit together. You provided a lot of information that I wasn't aware of and I thank you for doing so. Alrighty? Take care my man. I'm looking forward to the next one.

  4. memememineme
    memememineme says:

    Jeeze – well that depressing video probably put the final nail in the coffin for the OLD Ethos. WHy would you present your VERY OWN "NUMBER 1 COIN" in such a gloomy way? I guess this is just part of your an exit strategy for you so you don't look bad? I get it, but do not agree. Ethos is a new product now – it's not what we expected but it looks like it is morphing into something way more powerful with a lot of potential than we originally hoped. I for one am not hodling – but HOLDING my coins calmly and confidently. A good wine takes time to mature and I am a very patient person. I expect Ethos to make quite a comeback, but it will need time.

  5. Hussam Galal
    Hussam Galal says:

    Great video that summarises nicely lifecycle of Ethos to date: i) how the it started ii) the bubble and hype iii) Why it got to why to where it is now v) some thought on it's it future.

    I think these types of video can be useful as people like myself lost touch since the market collapsed in early 2018 and have no idea where some coins sank because of the overall market or those projects now have little or no future.

  6. PROTOTYPE 214
    PROTOTYPE 214 says:

    People who still believe in Ethos and Voyager should lose all of their money for being stpd AF and not realising that:

    1. Corliss left Ethos because he saw that this project is about to die "soon" and decided to start his own scam project along with Vishal.
    2. Shingo and the rest of the Ethos team were dumping tokens on Binance since day 1 so they can pay the monthly bills + filling their personal pockets (Corliss was also in that scheme).
    3. Shingo never told the truth about the constant token dumps on Binance – he prefered to stick to his personal lie that Ethos team members are being payed in fiat (from token dumps) + tokens (which were also dumped for fiat).
    4. All Ethos telegram admins were ordered to ban every single person who was asking the "hard" questions and trying to get to the truth behing this scam.
    5. All Ethos telegram admins are Ethos investors (or Ethos token bag holders) and they are desperately trying to keep this scam running so they can also profit from it along with Shingo.
    6. The Ethos token transactions on the blockchain are showing that the team is still dumping millions of tokens on Binance every month.
    7. Voyager are also dumping millions of Ethos tokens on Binance (from the allocated tokens they got after the Ethos + Voyager "deal").
    8. Voyager isn't a big company like Shingo is promoting it to be – Voyager is WORLD UNKNOWN STARTUP (same as Ethos).
    9. Ethos token will always be one worthless and completely useless shtcoin without any utility.
    10. Ethos UW isn't anything special or unique at all – that's why Voyager will be using Ledger tech.
    11. Members from the Ethos UW core team can always add a simple code in the app on next UW update and steal all of your info and funds and you won't be able to do nothing about it!
    12. The only reasonable thing that you can do with Ethos is to shift+del their app and get rid of this shitcoin before the next token dump on Binance.
    13. If you want a secure place to store your crypto don't be a cheap FK and just buy a Ledger or Trezor.
    14. You should stop gambling with your money by funding such scams.


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