Talking the crypto market bounce and taking your questions


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  1. guinnesspeaks
    guinnesspeaks says:

    Eth is 10% of what BTC does …
    Watch the GDAX bar charts they make no sense until you place the BTC and ETH next to each other.
    It's an instant adjustment.

    ETH is not an independent currency on GDAX.
    Mark the up and down in nth degree ..
    BTC takes a hit .. BTC goes up …
    ETH takes the same value … it's a scam.

    It's disgusting.

  2. ExotiC FrequencY
    ExotiC FrequencY says:

    Ethereum is great! ICOs could change your life someday 😮 !!!!! Do your research people…..I think rentberry has a great team and product! Make sure the crypto has some basis in our reality. Thats how you find a golden ICO!

  3. brady nields
    brady nields says:

    5:45 I think the CC companies are interested in that particular ban because they wouldn't be able to repo the asset if you default on your payments. They don't want a liability that they can't collect.

  4. Frank Lee
    Frank Lee says:

    ANYONE: Where do I learn about technical analysis and actually learn about markets and when to buy? Just general knowledge. Anyone have any good websites or places I can learn this stuff besides youtube videos lol? Obviously there are many youtube channels that really don't know their stuff. I need accurate info, as does anyone else.


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