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38 replies
  1. YT stuff
    YT stuff says:

    If the MFT token reaches between $0.30 to $0.50 I'll never have to work ever again and if it goes over $1 then I'll be a multimillionaire. Go Mainframe! I'm gonna try and forget about this investment for at least 3 years,

  2. sircarl56
    sircarl56 says:

    I like the project and can see it becoming popular, but I can’t see MFT,s increasing by a high multiple. Ten billion MFT have been created (according to CoinMarketCap), so at best, maybe ten cents per token is my guess.

  3. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    Love your song choice today. Dabs on point, well played! Lol feelin the intro music. Nicely done! Really liked your “ next big thing” history segment and yes, if all goes well mainframe is absolutely a game changer. Picked a little up myself today actually. Stellar video!

  4. Chicara
    Chicara says:

    Thank you for your analysis of this project, Suppoman! Yes, it seems to be really interesting, but I don´t believe, that it has a big impact short or medium term for the masses, who in the moment post everything of their lives in Facebook & Co. Most people until today have no idea, how their data is used for. But maybe it is interesting for companies for their (internal) communication.

    On the other hand privatication of messaging is nothing new. For example since 1997 everybody can use the freeware GNUPG (GNU Privacy Guard) for a save and private messaging. But most of the people don´t know it or don´t use it, only a very small minority.

    Yes, it is a great project – but I believe not in short or medium term. Yes, you can make good money now by taking some bullish movements when it enters new exchanges and make some money in the hype. But as a HODL investor you need a long breath until it reaches the masses. This is my personal opinion.

  5. John Doe
    John Doe says:

    I agree with mostly everything you have touched upon. However, when evaluating their community, their Twitter has 10K followers, I cannot even find reddit, and their Telegram Announcement Page as 250,000 followers, but it is not a chat room or anything where the community can engage with each other , additionally I remember hearing that people cant artificially inflate their followings on Telegram. I think overall this maybe a poor community… Still think I might invest. but we will have to see

  6. TxFw
    TxFw says:

    Knew it was going to be Mainframe (MFT)… Whether or not Suppo was paid I'll probably still invest because the team (who I know personally) is solid and the tech is revolutionary in particular, dark routing.

  7. Sm Arif
    Sm Arif says:

    Very well explained, but when they were doing ico you never talked about them, would have been if you had talked about them during ico, then we could have made around 7x easy. Infact you always said no new hot ico's are coming, where as you shilled Invacio which tanked, NCC still weren't able to hit exchange.

  8. Anfernee Puerronelli
    Anfernee Puerronelli says:

    hey michael, because you do not check neblio, they already have their own virtual wallet on the web, it has great potential, I and other friends already encourage us this has a future, I recommend you check neblio


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