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  1. harryzero 156
    harryzero 156 says:

    I just went back to 2008 10yrs on YouTube, and saw Peter Schiff outrageously predicting a recession 'just around the corner'. The basis of his reasoning was too much consumption and too little savings and productivity. His opposite number is blindly optimistic, quoting increased (perceived) wealth and a strong diversified economy. I have been also watching the Leman Brothers, AIG and Merrill Lynch sagas as reported on main stream media. When Schiff, Maloney and Rickards compare then as a picnic with what's around the corner in 2018, it's actually quite frightening. If they

  2. Frederick Newman
    Frederick Newman says:

    I remember Peter saying exactly all the same things 5 years ago on a tv show called boom/bust. Everyday the show would have the current market prices of S&P 500, gold, and bitcoin. I clearly remember the price of gold was $1200/oz & bitcoin was $100…lol…if we only knew.

  3. CaseyCJL
    CaseyCJL says:

    I have to disagree with the part about how bitcoin holders don't need to trust a third party like how people with fiat need to trust the bank/government… I'm trusting the hell out of my Ledger Nano and Exodus wallets… What if those platforms suddenly were no longer supported? If anyone has an answer please let me know. To me it seems silly to call bitcoin trust-less… someone change my mind.

  4. Robert George
    Robert George says:

    Surely, Peter lacks the ability to understand cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. I kind of feel sorry for him. As long as you rely on precious metals as a store of value, you will always have to need a fiat system to support it, and as long as you remain dependent on a centralized fiat system, your bud will remain exposed to the elites to play with.

  5. Jimmy Zappa
    Jimmy Zappa says:

    This guy sounds really arrogant when he brags about how he is able to "change minds." Especially since he blames the government when in reality its absurd deregulation and weak regulation (where there is a lot of now) which were PAID for by the capitalist enabled corporations that caused this wealth inequality. They tend to take advantage of these tax loop holes and havens, refuse to sow what they reaped, keep the minimum wage down making my generation unable to stimulate the economy, convince the poor working class that the estate tax needs to be repealed (which only affect the very top 1%), and are now cutting down on earned benefit programs.

    He's right that the government should be protested over the 2009 recession but he's wrong that Wall Street shouldn't have been protested as well when they specifically had lobbyists ( for financial reform and caused healthcare to be a privatization clusterfuck (with some added benefits). He's basically saying "blame the bulls for the stampede, not the wranglers that beat them to a fury and let them go." It's a typical conservative ( and corporate democrat) mindset that tries to swoon you in with pretty metaphors and buzzwords.

    So on a political standpoint on this video, I don't agree with him. On crypto, he has some good points on us potentially being a bubble due to the different alt coins and people speculating on its worth.

  6. rhlroger
    rhlroger says:

    Great respect for Peter Schiff!
    Even greater respect for DataDash esp. for his humility for not putting across his viewpoints forcefully yet being able to highlight key , salient points

  7. Terrantulla
    Terrantulla says:

    33:00 Nick!!! Fair point ??? You can store all your crypto on Ledger or Trezor, mobile devices are the least secure, you dont want to be carrying too much on there. Wtf do you mean fair point ?! Nobody ever has to know how much crypto you have!! Very disappointed 🙁

  8. BLACK05GO1
    BLACK05GO1 says:

    Video is too long so I didn't watch it, but I've seen this guy talk shit about crypto many times in the past. He's already been proved wrong based on his early predictions about crypto.

  9. Niki Young
    Niki Young says:

    The thing about gold is that he government can TAKE YOUR GOLD…. the government did that during the Great Depression when they bought your gold at a fixed rate with their worthless dollar and if you refused hem u were put in prison…. the government can also take Your land


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