The entire cryptocurrency market, led by Bitcoin, has made a substantial recovery in the past two days. Not only has Bitcoin recovered from under $7,000 to over $8,000, but almost every altcoin has followed suit, with most exceeding the returns of Bitcoin. Did we hit the bottom for 2018 with sunny skies in the crypto world ahead? Let’s talk about a recent statement from Dan Morehead and Joey Krug from Pantera Capital, who recently called the 2018 Bitcoin bottom at $6,500 and said we’re now in the clear.

Bloomberg article on Pantera Capital calling the bottom:

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  1. Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman says:

    Big money institutional investors do NOT invest in assets less than 10 years old. As Bitcoin comes up to its 10th birthday, as long as the network is still secure, big money investors will start piling in. Hedge funds, insurance float funds, pension funds, money managers all waiting on the side to get into Bitcoin and crypto.

  2. Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman says:

    The "fiat space" is cancer right now as we are going into a currency war, holding fiat currency is just plain daft as nation states rally hard to devalue their currency to be globally competitive. The "immature investors" are investing in fiat USD right now.

  3. Mike Indigo
    Mike Indigo says:

    Pantera invested in GIFTO, so as Binance. 35 Mln registered users with already an in-app currency that generated $150 Mln in 2017. ICO sold in 1min. May be one day you will take a look at the white paper, may be in your plane to Dubai…Safe travel.

  4. t.b. smith
    t.b. smith says:

    so the wealthy decided to stop driving the price down, so now they are taking it back up drawing in the non-wealthy once again, then they will sell and take their profits on the backs of the non-wealthy masses. yea!!

  5. Janis Ritums
    Janis Ritums says:

    Fake break out! Whats the best way to freak out noobs? Use patern that worked for at last two times and manipulate the market in other direktion.
    The last big shorting event was a good example.

  6. Pieces of Jade
    Pieces of Jade says:

    Rob is there a way to contact you by e-mail ? I have a 12 year old Nephew whom has a new Steemit account, one of the first for kids. There literally is nothing for kids on the web. It's not about the money for him, just the interest. It would mean so much to him for you to get in touch he has watched your stuff since Christmas. If we don't get the kids involved nothing is going to move forward. I appreciate your very busy. Thanks Rob.

  7. Sam Santibaniz
    Sam Santibaniz says:

    I lost interests in crypto bro. I was so excited about it couple of months ago but not anymore.. it seems like it will keep dying and dying and dying and dying and bleeding..bleeding lol

  8. Escudo Chatea
    Escudo Chatea says:

    Even if this would turn out to be just another bull trap, peeps should have a plan for that too. E.g some profit taking and a stop loss in place which is so easy to just update higher if the bulls go longer

  9. John Permabull Smith
    John Permabull Smith says:

    This crypto space is cancer. Seriously, if you go on most videos, and look at the comments, alot of it is people asking what people think about the project they've invested it. This space is fulled with immature "investors" who wants their ego stroked and want to only hear how their project is a good "investment". And when faced with criticism, it's always the same response, "you're mad because you missed out on gains." Unsubscribing man. Im not a hater, I actually love your content, when this space matures a little bit I will maybe support your channel again, but now you appeal to the majority of dumb "investors".


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