Coinbase has long dominated the crypto to fiat on-ramp, but a new player is joining the party.. Robinhood, the zero trade fee mobile stock app is beginning to support crypto in February, and might provide some much needed competition to Coinbase. Let’s talk about why I think this is an important development and advantageous to end-users throughout the cryptocurrency world.

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TechCrunch article on Robinhood Crypto:

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  1. Cee Dee
    Cee Dee says:

    I’ve submitted all my info and account info that has cleared with money sitting there as
    I’m watching products I’m interested in go up. Still have not been able to buy. I’ve asked about wallets or storage and have gotten the same robotic response. I read on Reddit that someone was not allowed to put their BTC in a hard wallet. I’m still trying to find out if that’s true.

    What about other cryptos, like Ripple or NEO? Can you use a nano s ledger or another product to store them?

    I’m about ready to say thanks but no thanks. You really do get what you pay for.
    At least with Coinbase they’re working on their payment structure and so far, so good

    SVETOGOR says:

    Compare Robinhood to GDAX (do not compare coinbase)!
    Also GDAX has insure/backed up by FDIC insurance!
    Can person transfer crypto from Robinhood or not? First have to sell and then transfer currency money?

  3. Pranav Rajan
    Pranav Rajan says:

    If you guys are looking to sign up, which you should robinhood is a great app, use the following link. This link allows for the owner of the link and the user of the link to receive a free stock. Thus, both of us benefit. We will also move up the list for cryptocurrency trading. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys used it.

  4. ok ok
    ok ok says:

    Cash App is straight killing it with really low fees and fast liquidity. GO CHECK IT OUT it's already up and available.
    Robinhood and BlockPort are in dev. looks to be a looks like a main option for a "Coinbase-Killer". Aside from their fiat and alt coin exchange, they'll have their own erc-20 coin, Blockport Token(BPT), geared for "social trading"… Copying trades from top traders etc..

    They use the pretty standard copycat-trade model, where users are rewarded with their coin for each user who copies their trades. And then on top of that, their erc-20 token can be used to pay trading fees at a reduced cost (like BNB / Binance).

    The other copycat-trade coins in this space are Coindash(CDT), Covesting(COV), Iconomi(ICN), and Genesis Vision(GVT). All the coins mentioned are still in development with updates scheduled. This is a very hot market right now and there are already a handful of coins in this race. My point is – Make sure you do your research before investing in any. There is a TON of competition right now to fill this need.

  5. Sarah Xennial
    Sarah Xennial says:

    I would prefer ICOs, but alas, I live in the USA. I don’t have enough $$ to become an accredited investor, and I don’t want to use the VPN work around. So it’s mining and staking and trading for me!

  6. P D
    P D says:

    I'm looking to run a few MasterNodes on the $CIF Blockchain (ICO completed 1st Jan, exchanges on 30th Jan). My reasons are:
    1) right now I don't have the time to trade and watch the market, I would definitely wear out the F5 key!
    2) if I had the time for the above I don't have the experience yet, need to learn more about the market and technologies.
    3) I believe in the project that $CIF is doing and really think they will have long term gains and success.
    4) a mix of the above three mean the best option for me is to put my coins into the MasterNodes and at least get some returns that way. The masternode buy in is $CIF100k so if a good number of people buy in then it may also keep the currency stable and at least stem some of the flow of miners dumping, if that's what they do.
    Don't get me wrong, I'd love the 50x/100x and I think I'll stand a better chance of backing the right horse when I'm more experienced and have a better knowledge base of the scene, so for now I'm in no rush to burn my fingers!
    Keep the good videos coming – they're a great help for people like me! You, David Hay, Doug Polk, Boxmining..all a great resource! 👍👍👍


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