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  1. yannick128
    yannick128 says:

    i love all your video's, you're one of the few that's almost always spot on…That said… i've put in about 600 dollar in crypto… how do i get my crypto to fiat currency when i'm a millionair?

  2. Patricia Shahnarad
    Patricia Shahnarad says:

    so I have a noob question so please forgive me if my inexperience seems silly but I have been evaluating what may cause a coin go to the moon. Now I may be off but from what I can decipher  it is all about total coin supply and market cap. for example BTC hs $44B CAP and 16M SUP so if you divide the market CAP by the supply you get about $2500 a piece. So ETC has $34B CAP and 92M supply so it would have to have a market cap of 220T to have the same evaluation as BTC of $2500 a piece. That said, it seems that STRATIS is t he next coin that has the potential to hit the moon. It has the limited supply like ETH (98M). the market cap puts it at 814M as of right now which places it @ $8 and some change right now. IYO (I may have coined a new short hand LOL) is this a good buy? Thanks and I love your videos BTW/ <3

  3. DonLucano
    DonLucano says:

    SAVAGE! Dude, I just found your channel and you're an entertainer. After watching the video, I couldnt handle myself and bought me some Steem for the long run! What we are feeling right now is the gold-rush mood back in the days! Let the haters hate and troll. The amount of your portfolio is speaking for itself. Actually I have a question: What is your point of view about the rumours that Poloniex will be the next Mt. Gox?

  4. qbfastbuy
    qbfastbuy says:

    Why don't you accept bitcoins as payment for your course? I was a little blown away as I got to the end at the checkout and I couldn't just slip some btc in your wallet.


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