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  1. Vince 00h
    Vince 00h says:

    I’m pretty sure different crypto will come out solving individual solutions and the chain block will continue to evolve as a network. I don’t trust credit cards👀.

  2. Fabrice Manzo
    Fabrice Manzo says:

    damn, missed notification.
    Puma sounds cool but why is everbody re-inventing the wheel!
    too much people try to improve bitcoin. bitcoin is the only blockchain that is most used and known by the masses. so to have a project with mass adoption, you need to build something awesome on existing blockchain to have real success. starting from scratch will take a lot of time to suceed.
    crypto scene is becoming a jungle with many different species. only the strongest will survive!

  3. Oelmiene
    Oelmiene says:

    I dislike what you turned this channel into Ivan. This feels like any other Hype channel out there with mostly paid advertisement interviews and clickbait titles … just look at your last Uploads BITCOIN BALLISTIC, 10,000% GAIN, $500K BTC, BTC 500% then suddenly BITCOIN COLLAPSE … how are we supposed to take you and your opinion serious if you seem all about the money?


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