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  1. Ivan on Tech
    Ivan on Tech says:

    haha when I rewatched this I noticed that I still say a substantial amount of "guys", sorry people, I will try better tomorrow 😅 Thank you everyone for giving constructive feedback on my language/videos, your feedback is really appreciated! 🙂 ❤️

  2. NightLurk
    NightLurk says:

    Blockchain is a fundamentally flawed system, and the one of the most important lessons you can get in system engineering is that trying to solve a problem with an underlying system by adding a solution layer on top of it, is a horrible idea which will come back and bite you in the ass later on. Adding a great deal of complexity to a system in order to compensate with a bunch of horrible fundamental flaws of the system itself is like strapping a rocket to the back of your SUV in order to try to make it into a racing car.

    So I think whoever is currently working on coming with a better alternative to blockchain are the people who are going to be the big winners of tomorrow, while the people that are trying to come up with new life-support methods for a terminally ill technology are going to find themselves in a dead end down the line.

  3. mrdave2112
    mrdave2112 says:

    7 transactions per second and Bitcoin was implemented in January of 2009: WTF. Lighting network is off Blockchain, but you said we can trust the Blockchain: WTF. People believed in bitconnect and Mt Gox too.  People are going to realize bitcoin is not what it seems.  Also, the "guy" thing, nice deflection. Got your Bitcoin?

  4. Archie
    Archie says:

    HUB & SPOKE BANKING SYSTEM! This is a construct created by banks and corporations. It usurps any benefit that Bitcoin offers. We are headed for a cashless society that is still controlled by the banksters and corporatecrooks. Time to look for something more in line with what Satoshi intended. Is Andreas a spokesperson for this centralisation???

  5. Kevin Yang
    Kevin Yang says:

    I didn't even noice guys so much so I don't think it's a problem at all. What was funny is that u said guys more times in this video than any other.. lol funny! Great vid either way!

  6. Ben 23
    Ben 23 says:

    I probably wouldn't have noticed that you say "guys" a lot but for the fact that you spend the first 2 minutes of this video talking about how you say "guys" too much and you're going to say "guys" less, while saying "guys" about a hundred times.

  7. Vicki Kas
    Vicki Kas says:

    Say "guys" or don't say it, doesn't matter, just keep your videos informative as they are! I have a question about the lightning network though. If you (A) send funds through your friend (B) to shop owner (C), B tries to steal/hack so you get your bitcoins refunded, what about C. I there is a chance C will not get his money, why should he accept this payment method? How is C protected to make sure he receives funds for something he just sold you?
    Love your videos, Vicki, Australia

  8. Noctis Lucis Caelum
    Noctis Lucis Caelum says:

    Hey Ivan I watched a lot of debates regarding lightning network and the scaling problem. One question that sticked with me, who will be in charge of the lightning channels. Is it the people, shops and the community or the big institutions? Blockstream published that miners won't be in charge of the lightning network instead liqudity providers will be. That means if the average joe can't affort to open up a channel with someone he needs to go to someone or something that provides enough liqudity. For now banks are in charge of the money. When we think about that scenario that banks are becoming the central hub of all bitcoin lightnight networks, we will not change the status quo and everything stays the same except we are changing the name from balance sheet to open ledger. From every transaction the liqudity provider will gater a small fee of the lightning channel and if banks are involved we will have heavy regulations and the posibility of charging taxes on every transaction on the blockchain and offchain. We will retain status quo and make it even worse. Banks will be the middle man of bitcoin. That scares the sh'' out of me. Any thoughts on that? Is this even a possibility? Am I missing something?

  9. Steven Hernandez
    Steven Hernandez says:

    If BTC were a highway, lightning networks would be local and privately owned roads. I think it's a great solution. Some worry it could cause some centralization, but a prudent person could reduce the effects of such centralization by carefully choosing the channels they enter, and by making opening and closing such channels efficient.


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