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  1. Souli
    Souli says:

    This project makes a lot of sense. I always like projects that create noob/normie friendly user experiences which have a lot of potential to go mainstream.

    CDCM CDCM says:

    Hello Ivan, here from MIAMI, I have a technical question, which none has been able to respond clearly yet, IF THE DIGITAL SEED (12 WORDS) IS GENERATED BY THE WALLET, WHO INSURE US, THAT THE APPLICATION DEVELOPER DOES NOT HAVE THE digital seed???


  3. Michael Golpe
    Michael Golpe says:

    That token sounds centralized- as in, all the coins go to cardstack, then we use them within developing. The liquidity aspect, to me, reinforces this. As if, card stack is a new Coinbase. There is also like a Consumption Tax upon the consumer- akin to government and banks. Lots of justification is also offered for it. Excellent interview @ivanontech

  4. Bit School
    Bit School says:

    I don't see this as necessary.

    Bancor on eos will do the same and in an instant and decentralised way.

    No need to pay retail on tokens when you get the market price instantly…


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