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  1. Charles Patterson
    Charles Patterson says:

    Hi Ivan, Love your Channel! I hope I am not wasting your time here. I have a question:
    If we added a futures derivative in the code – could it make the math more elegant in such a way that some of the calculations could be removed thru cancellation? This might make the temporal curve go down further instead of rounding off at the top and flattening. The changing numbers from the futures hedge might provide an opportunity in the calculation to be provided a math that would help to remove some of the numbers calculations by providing a sliding price reflection through a temporal agent. I wish I could word this better and I hope you can picture what I am saying here. Does this make any sense to you, or am I just babbling?

  2. Omer Haroon
    Omer Haroon says:

    Hi, can you do a video on bitcoin an NO ONE is really explaining fully what will happen if the consensus of 90% for segwit 2x is not reached by July 21st. We are currently at 50% I believe, a long way to go and a little time left.

    How will this impact the altcoins IF a fork were to happen, all the amazing "Traders" on twitter are telling folks to BUY BUY BUY, but no-one is putting this into perspective, what could happen when segwit2x doest happen.

    Can you please do a full video explaining it?

  3. UnknownEssense
    UnknownEssense says:

    For non-programmers, you can think of an Array as a list of numbers, letters or anything really. And recursion is when a piece of code calls upon itself over and over again repeating the same action on different data to solve a problem.

  4. Hiroyuki Komiya
    Hiroyuki Komiya says:

    I enjoyed your video every time and learning a lot of ethereum as well as other Blockchain technology including Golem etc.
    I am not a programmer but a recruiter for Blockchain, trying my best to understand how it works and this youtube is the best to learn it so far! Thank you!

  5. Nikolaj-K
    Nikolaj-K says:

    There's a cool Wikipedia page called "Computational complexity of mathematical operations", which lists complexities for various known tasks. Might be worth pointing out that you colloquially say "it scales exponentially", to the n^2 order, haha. It then scales polynomially by definition, and mildly at that. Exponential would mean 2^n, for example. Also, Ivan, "Ordo" sure is what you say in Sweden, but the 'mericans sure say order. Also, time complexity is boring compared to learning a list web dev tools? A standard intro to Algorithms would be the book by Corman et. al. A cool related video on youtube is "Quicksort" by username "CS50".
    Speaking of time, Unix time will flip to a number starting a 15 in a few days. Happy new era! fireworks
    Btw. I now made a math/programming account on steemit under @qed.
    Greetings from Vienna


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