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  1. Marina Dragon
    Marina Dragon says:

    Молодец, Иван ! Ясно, позитивно, на отличном английском ! Очень Рада видеть твою работу. Мне за 40, но я продвинутая мамаша и всегда достигаю высоких результатов при мотивации. Последнее – главное ! Я начну сама играть, мой сын увидет и попробует меня переиграть

  2. Javier Mendonça
    Javier Mendonça says:

    I think the kid should chose what to be but coding is definitely a skill that will be essential in the future, when we have electronics and blockchains connecting everything. I think in Sweden they are making it programming compulsory in school for kids in 2019? At the same time, if you look at the opportunities and what will happen in the future, it might be biocomputing, which would be extremely interesting i think.

  3. David Russell
    David Russell says:

    Ivan! Great vid. Just a note to help your already great English. We use the word 'Teach' as a means to help somebody learn. E.g. Use this program to teach your child how to learn code.

  4. Roman Priščák
    Roman Priščák says:

    Hey Ivan, please is it something like this for adults? I want to learn programming but i don't know what platform to use or where to start, what is the most popular or the most useful programming language right now. Could you give me some advice please? Thanks

  5. Golden Pig Coin
    Golden Pig Coin says:

    Thank you Ivan. I ilike the way that you keep the topics of your channel diversified. Anyone has a suggestion, when is the best age to start learning programming? I guess 3-4 years old is too young?

  6. Dr. Bittax
    Dr. Bittax says:

    Thanks Ivan, very cool! I got my 5 year old when he was 4 into Physics, an Ipad app. First, I loved it myself and go through all challenges. He had a blast as well. Now, we're doing legos, but I think that I will get him back into Physics again and later on when he can write and read to that app swift playgrounds, sounds great. By the way, let me push back on behalf of lawyers and accountants. If I were a richman, I'd play a lot of bridge, lots of writing and music, and a little bit of accounting on the side 🙂

  7. André
    André says:

    I have a 15 year old son that I'm trying to get into programming. I started him of with CodeCombat with Python to try and invoke his interest, but currently he his quick to revert back to playing DOTA or Minecraft. So I'm not sure if I am succeeding. I'm thinking of starting him with more serious coding next year on maybe freecodecamp or codecademy. Not sure if the gaming way of learning is really the way to go as maybe he doesn't feel like he is creating something.

  8. dfilion3
    dfilion3 says:

    I started to program 20 years ago thinking I could build the next big thing. Instead I ended up working in corporate hell. I still like programming but I would never EVER tell anybody to go work as a programmer especially not to my kids. I believe the problem is that there is too many disturbed and non balanced individual in that field.

    SPERRFEUER84 says:

    I think, products like lego mindstorms are also a very good for teaching kids. We had a lego mindstorm summer camp in my university, back when i was studying computer science there. as far as i experienced, the kids were always very excited when their robots started to move through their doing. its not quite cheap but its nice to see your coding can even affect the real world

  10. TRT TRo
    TRT TRo says:

    How can i get into programming, im 21 years of age. Could you do a video on that, only if i knew how interesting programming was before i went uni i would have chosen that instead of the course im doing at the moment. Would codecademy be applicable for my age.


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