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  1. Lets Get Smarted
    Lets Get Smarted says:

    I know you don't really reply to comments but i was thinking (not a developer), couldn't you use encryption and zero-knowledge-proofs to avoid exposing your private keys to every app you use? and also, though i tend to agree with your larger point about people being uneducated on crypto, even if they lost their private keys couldn't they use a backup phrase to restore them?

  2. jack *Black
    jack *Black says:

    People still can't be that blind , mark Zuckerberg works with the powers that be. Facebook is just A way of keeping track of everybody and what you are doing. You don't use Facebook , Facebook uses you . The blockchain will create a whole new experience of social media

  3. Karl Tattersall
    Karl Tattersall says:

    Great video Ivan. You should have a look at Steemit for an example of blockchain tech working in a social media context. Also Basic Attention token is working on ways to give users control over their own data and how to share with advertisers.

  4. dactylntrochee
    dactylntrochee says:

    I understand that a password could be replaced by a public/private key, but what does that have to do with blockchain? Sure, blockchain uses public/private keys, but so do encrypted messaging and mail apps.

    I also don't understand why anybody would waste their time doing this A->B->C stuff. Do people realize how good they could get at the piano or painting or basketball in the same number of hours? Has our species gone completely mad?

  5. MrMadnelsen
    MrMadnelsen says:

    Great stuff Ivan! Very good explanation. If the data analysis of the user information would be decentralized in some manner that could maybe be a solution. Because as you mentioned when users sell their data via Blockchain directly to the company or who ever than they'll have your data. But what if the users sell their data to some kind of a decentralized analysis tool via a property token with limited access for example, which could expire and reject access to the users data after a time period. Just a thought, been thinking about this issue as well.
    Same could work with a social network, any friend receives a property token which issues the right for that person to see my account.

  6. Da SuitMan
    Da SuitMan says:

    Good explanation of facebook issue. It is very clear that the best and brightest in the blockchain space can't specifically explain why decentralization will be better than centralization or help secure centralization and enhance it (outside of store of value). This is the main reason alt coins are called shit coins and why we most certainly may see lower lows the more clear the unclarity becomes.

  7. Charles Patterson
    Charles Patterson says:

    He looks like the future Queen of cell block G to me… I can see him wearing an Orange suit already. Do you think he will fill his date card? He could probably save time and develop some prison manners NOW.


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